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Page 2 - Stories from the Clyburn Valley

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1 (449 reads)

.rf>i''' lima: But you'd think the chil? dren would hate the valley, for they were scared to go out at night, frightened of the bears. But when they left that valley . ..they all-- I don't know what type of harness (Maurice) put on a cow and a calf-- and they all had to go over the mountain-- there was a pathway. We kept on right up to the head of the har? bour- -every one of (those children) going with an animal apiece and crying because they had to leave the valley. '''.-' AbQVe Maurice; We haven't been up there since a long time. Emma: I said I'd never go back in after. Maurice: She hates to go back in and look at the old place up there. We were kind of like pioneers there. They drove me out of there. And do you know how much money I got then for it? A. F. Church's map of the Clvburn Vallev. dated 1864. Below; Highlands Golf Links on the same terrain today. $1,500.00. (How many acres would you say there were?) 64. Emma: Did it ever grow fast since the park took it. All birch and beech trees. Mau? rice: That MacDonald farm across the river, those beautiful orchards there. My grandfa- Visit an Underground Coal IVIine "??"he Miners' Museum Glace Bay, N. S. One of the Foremost l/luseums in Nova Scotia! Bring your family to enjoy tiie once-in-a-iifetime experience of touring an actual Coal l/Iine with a retired miner as your guide. After touring Museum and Mine, visit tlie well-stocked Gift Shop and the Miners' Village Restaurant on the same 15- acre site located just one mile from downtown Glace Bay. The Miners' Museum Is Open Year Round and Welcomes Group Tours. During August, Inquire about Tuesday Night Concerts with the "Men of the Deeps" For Information about Hours and Rates: (902) PHONE 849-4522
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