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Page 51 - A Missionary Trek in Cape Breton

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1 (238 reads)

brooks, the northern-most proceeding from a little lake called the Portage Lake. From this the land is low for two or three miles, to a lagune, or, as it is termed in this country from the old French name, a Barrasoi, at the head of St. George's Chan? nel already mentioned. The distance between the two waters is only four or five miles. Now it was here that they had lost their way. They had passed the lagune and the low ground to the lake, and they were almost within sight of the head of the harbour. Indeed they discovered afterward, that they were almost within call of the very people they were going to visit. He was cordially welcomed among the people by whom he was invited, but we have no par? ticular account of his labours among them. The general results of this visit are stat? ed by the Presbytery as follows:,"Partly because so few of them were desirous of the gospel, (the generality being lulfcewarm,) that they could scarcely support it; and partly because there was no hope of getting their petition granted for a long time, through the backwardness of ministers to come out; and because so many other places were entitled to be supplied before them, they were advised to delay sending home their petition for some time. But had they a minister, there is no reason to doubt that he would soon form a congregation; for the gospel would be a new thing to them, and through the divine blessing, would run, as it did among the Gentiles at first." On this visit he baptized two children be? longing to Janet Sutherland. Being anxious to enjoy the ordinances of religion, she induced her husband to sell his farm and remove to Pictou, that they might be under the ministry of Doctor MacGregor. She lived a consistent life, and her family followed in her footsteps. One of her sons then bap? tized was the late Wm. Sutherland, after? ward for many years an Elder in Doctor Mac? Gregor' s congregation in his own lifetime, and that of his successor. The other was the father of the Rev. George Sutherland, Free Church minister at Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island.... IQ'Q' In the year 1818 (Rev. MacGregor) O IOb made his second missionary journey through Cape Breton. He crossed from Antigonish Harbour to Port Hood in a boat. On the way over he was as STUBBERT'S Convenience Stores Videos * Lottery Tickets * Film * Frozen Foods * Magazines * Snacks] 24 Hours: • Corner George & Glenwood, Sydney 172 Main Street, Sydney Mines • 1170 Kings Road, Sydney River • 275 Commercial Street, North Sydney ailv: • Florence • Bras d'Or • 83 Pierce Street, North Sydney • 1467 Victoria Road, Sydney "We're there to serve you whenever you need us!" usual engaged in religious conversation. Having spoken of our natural character, a woman who was present in the boat could not be persuaded that she had a bad heart. He laboured hard to convince her of the fact, with what success we have not ascertained. The first settlement on the north coast of Cape Breton, was made by a Jersey company at Cheticamp, their settlers being chiefly French Catholics. The next was a Captain Leather Works byJohnC. Roberts Historic Reproductions Creative Handcrafts * MORE THAN LEATHER * INDIAN BROOK (X''''ys) CAPE BRETON ISLAND BOC 1 HO j'iy 1 . September 15 Between Baddeck & Ingonish or by appointment On the Cabot Trail 929-2414 Literacy Nova Scotia Many Nova Scotians need help in acquiring reading, writing and numeracy skills that will enable them to lead richer and more satisfying lives and to become more competitive in seeking and advancing in jobs. To help develop and carry out literacy programs that will help as many eligible Nova Scotians as possible, the Province, in consultation with interested and involved citizens and organizations, has appointed Literacy Nova Scotia, a 23-member advisory body consisting of repre? sentatives of volunteer groups, education and library services. We're pleased to salute the volunteers who have agreed to serve as the first directors of Literacy Nova Scotia, as it prepares to hold its inaugural meeting this month. We wish them every success in this important new initiative which will benefit so many Nova Scotians. Members of Literacy Nova Scotia Frances Anderson, Bridgewater Mary Balkwill, Stellarton Agnes Barnes, Dartmouth Elaine Beck, Bridgewater Wilfred Boudreau, Cheticamp Nicole Chaisson, Dartmouth Roger Davies, Halifax Isaac d'Entremont, Lower Pubnico Mary Doyle, Sydney Doris Evans, Westphal Bernard Francis, Sydney Thomas Hillis, Dartmouth Judy Bernard Julian, Afton Barry Kelly, Shelburne Kathleen Little, Port Hood Murdoch MacNeil, Bras d'Or James Meekins, Truro Eileen Perry, Amherst Marc Rafuse, Kentville Earle Saunders, Cambridge Station Lloyd Skinner, Guysborough Isabelle Vosse, Wolfville Chairperson: Dr. Bridglal Pachai, Halifax Literacy Nova Scotia - working together to help others learn. iNova ocoiia Department of Advanced Education and Job Training 51
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