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Page 58 - Billy James MacNamara of Evanston

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1 (271 reads)

it so often--it was only pilings it was on, you know. A piling drove into the river-- the bridge was on that. It started to get shaky and bad. Well, they kept going on it. Kept going on it and going on it. So this morning the work train was waiting across the river there, to bring the crowd of men down that were going to work down towards St. Peters. There were about 40 men in a boxcar. And some more of the men were over on this side of the river, and they were just going to walk across, to go in the boxcar, to come down with her. There was some kind of a holdup. Anyhow, there were two trains--No. 1 and No. 2--two work trains, work engines. I think it was No. 1--I'm not certain. She said she'd take a run out over the bridge, so that the other work train'd go through. About halfway across the bridge, she plunged. She went down. There were only two on her. There was a fireman on her, and the driver. Both of them belonged to New Brunswick. Well, the driver never came up. But (the fireman) went (to the) bottom in her, and he came to the surface and swum ashore. It didn't take long to go down--maybe 20-ton engine--to go to bottom. Lots claimed he never went to bottom, but he must have, he must have really went to bottom, 'cause he was in her. Well, he was okay. But Carter-- that was the name of the other man. the (driver)--Carter was gone. At that time there weren't too many divers around. At that time, only one here in Riv? er Bourgeois, a fellow by the name of Samp? son. He came up. And he went down. And there was just a week before Christmas. And the water was muddy in the rivers--rain and snow and everything. It was muddy, and he FOREST FIRE! Last year between April and October, 83 forest fires were reported in Cape Breton. Fortunately, fast action by Lands and Forests crews and volunteer firefighters put them out before they did much damage. Because even a small brush fire can get out of control and ignite nearby trees in seconds, early detection is essential. WHERE TO REACH US If you see a fire in or near tlie woods, contact your local Lands and Forests office or Sub-Ranger immediately. VICTORIA COUNTY Lands & Forests Provincial Building • Baddeck Lands & Forests Baddeci< Depot *Shore Road Sub-Rangers R. MacDonald Washabuckt Douglas W. Jackson Ingonish John A. Curtis Bay St. Lawrence 295-2554 1 0 1 295-27 1 1 295-23 0 1 622-24 1 1 285-25 2 1 383-22 3 1 If tliere is no answer, call Zenith 40000. INVERNESS COUNTY | * Lands & Forests Office Whycocomagh • Office Margaree Sub-Rangers Clovis Chaisson Grand Etang Andrew Timmons Pleasant Bay Orangedale 756-23 9 or 1 756-22 8 248-20 9 224-26 5 224-20 5 756-23 0 1 RICHMOND COUNTY | Lands & Forests 1 Provincial Building • St. Peters Sub-Rangers 1 Glen DIggdon 1 West Arichat 1 Thomas Matthews 1 Roger MacLeod 1 Grand River 1 Dan Norman MacLeod 1 Stirling 1 Loch Lomond 1 Charles Cavanagh 1 Martinique 535-20 2 1 226-22 8 1 345-29 4 1 587-28 1 884-27 4 1 587-22 8 1 226-31 3 1 CAPE BRETON COUNTY Unds & Forests 564-6389 Office or 'Coxheath 564-8387 Sub-Rangers Main-a-Dieu & area; Roy Perry Little Lorraine 733-2664 Boularderie Island Keith Bain 674-2040 Big Bras d'Or *for Industrial Permits or Permits Prior to 5 p.m. If no answer at Lands & Forests or Sub-Rangers, all areas call: ZENITH 40000 Do Your Part... Prevent Forest Fires >C Department of Lands and Forests Hon. Jack Maclsaac, Minister John Mullally, Deputy Minister And Dont Forget Under provisions of the Forest Act "No persons shall make, kindle or start a fire on land within a wood, forest or forest area or within 1,000 feet of same without such a permit between April 1st and October 15th in the counties of Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Digby, Annapolis, Kings and Lunenburg and in all other counties between April 15th and October 15th." Failure to comply with the above may result in a fine of up to $500.00 or 6 months imprisonment or t}0th.
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