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Page 25 - We Worked for General Instruments: Part Two: The Conclusion

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (295 reads)

any manufacturing down there. Look, I've put in these years over here (in the Unit? ed States). Maybe I can help out." I was so goddamn mad, that if it had been their building, I think I could have very readily blown her right to Hell. Especial? ly after the trick that they pulled on me. In '70 I went back to Massachusetts. And in '71 they had me back here. I was living here. We had sold our house in Howie Cen? tre and bought a house in Westfield (Mas? sachusetts) . The wife and girls were liv? ing in Westfield, and I'm living down here. Every 3 weeks I'm getting a weekend home. And I went on like this for a whole year. Thinking, "Shall I sell my house in Westfield? Are they kidding me again? Or what are they up to?" So I came back here and I said, "Look. I'll move back here on the condition that I know this place is going to stay here." Now, this was 1973. I said, "Now, look. Before I sell this house. Are we staying here in Sydney?" "Oh, Bob, you can bet every buck you've got on it. " So in '73, January 10th, I was part and parcel of having an Open House for General Instruments, to invite the public in, to show them some of the people who were on display that day, who were proud to do it because their neighbours were going to come in. And the biggest snowstorm in 10 years, I think; happened that day. I can remember walking from here up the Trans- Canada until I got a ride on a truck to get out to General Instruments and get ahold of the guy with the plow, to come up and get the parking lot cleared, so we could have our Open House. So we had our Open House. January 10th. January 30th, all of a sudden I'm getting orders to pack equipment for El Paso, Tex? as. "I don't believe it. What the hell is going on?" "Well, you know...." I guess I got kind of vicious about the thing. "You just cost me two houses. And you didn't have the guts enough to tell me what was transpiring. Frig you." That was it. I wouldn't have gone with- them.... Oh, I stayed and closed the place out. But I wouldn't have stayed with them. I was fed up then, really fed up. Darlene Hareguy I loved the job, myself. Even up until Schwartz bought that building (on Vulcan Avenue), I kept thinking, you know, maybe they'll come back. Something will go in that building--there'11 be another indus? try. And even when Schwartz bought the building and put the furniture store there--it was sad for me, knowing that it was gone now. Even when you drove by and it was empty, you always thought, "Some? thing else is going to come up there, and we're all going to go back. And it's going to be the same people, pretty well, would get the jobs, if an industry came, 'cause. DARLENE CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE I' Cape Breton Health Unit Asks You to "Stay a Winner-Don't Smoke!" For information about harmful effects on yourself, your friends, and your baby, contact your local Health Unit office: Nova Scotia Department of Health ARICHAT 295-2944 BADDECK 295-2159 CHETICAMP 224-2410 GLACE BAY 849-4566 INVERNESS 258-21006x1.134 NEW WATERFORD 862-2204 PORT HAWKESBURY 625-1693 PORT HOOD 787-3302 ST. PETERS 535-2026 MARGAREE 248-2198 SYDNEY 563-2400 NEIL'S HARBOUR 336-2295 SYDNEY MINES 736-6245 • Dental Health Services 'Public Health Inspection • Prenatal Classes • Health Education • Nutrition Information
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