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Page 53 - A Guide to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (176 reads)

Cape Breton's MAGAZINE How to Make Ropa from Wood The Future of Gaelic on Cape Breton Le Sorcier de Cheticamp The Breeding Behaviour of the Grey Seal off thi Coast of Cape Breton An duine gu'n churam How to Make an Axe Handle WkJIIowers of Cape Breton to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Torquil MacLean and the Englishtown Ferry How to Mate Snowshoes A Life History of the Canada Lynx Oidhche Na Calluinn How to Card and Spin The Wreck of the Ariadne Making a Micmac Basket Evidence of the Cougar on Cape Breton This Guide is intended to help you find any article that has appeared in Cape Breton's Maga? zine since we started publication in 1972. A com? plete, detailed index is still to be done, but this Guide goes a long way toward making all 50 issues readily accessible. Most back issues are still available. To order back issues, see the end of this Guide, page 62. We have broken the articles down into the follow? ing categories: Life History; Folklore (which includes tales, cures, the supernatural, and crafts); French and Gaelic (articles that include those languages) and Mic? mac (articles about Micmac people and culture, as well as the language); Natural History and Fishing; Industrial History (articles dealing with factories, mines, trains, lumber woods, steel plant; lobster factories are included here rather than under Fishing); Music/Poetry; Shipwreck; Academic/ Reprint/Document (this includes previously- published material; as well as material based pri? marily on research rather than first-person expe? rience); Speaker/Writer/Interviewer. Some articles will appear in more than one cate? gory • for example "A Visit with Frank and Marga? ret MacRae," besides being Life History, includes Gaelic, songs (Music/Poetry), and tales (Folklore). An article such as "Joseph D. Samson: 'Guillaume Sans Peur'" appears under both French and Folklore. Here's how to understand our symbols: Each item in every category is followed by two numbers sep? arated by a slash (/). The first number is the Issue Number, and the second is the Page Number in that issue. For example, "Bill Forbrigger and Coastal Schooners 38/57" means that article can be found in Issue 38 on page 57. Or, "Bowden Murphy: 24 Years Splitting Fish 34/IFC" means the article begins on the Inside Front Cover of Is? sue 34. "BC" means the article begins on the Back Cover. In the Speaker/Writer/Interviewer category, the numbers refer only to the page on which that per? son first appears in a particular article. He or she may also speak later in that same article. Cape Breton's MAGAZINE The 'Plucl< Me': Life and Death of the Conpany Store Planning a Vegetable Garden A Pair of Stocl< Skates The Celestial Bear, a Micmac Legend Dans les Temps des Praises Bird Songs in Gaelic Hooking a Rag Rug The Life of the Eel How to Splice Rope An Orange in Cheticamp Life History Adventures of Capt. David A. McLeod 39/63 Alex Gillis and the Big Sleigh 46/IFC Alex John Boudreau, Cheti? camp Island, With 32/1 Allen Gwinn: Horse Racing on the Ice 19/15 Amelia Cook: the Port Hood Ex? plosion and a Windstorm 26/35 Anne Morrell, Margaree Valley: "Seasons of My Life" 45/17 Archie Neil Chisholm of Mar? garee Forks, With 42/67 Art Lang ley, Sr., A Visit with 22/37 Art Langley, Sr.: A Comment on Politics 25/IFC Art Severance and "Burnt" John 47/IFC At the Glengarry Mineral Spring 28/IFC Aunt Annie l/lacLeod, Wreck Cove 48/35 Austin Roberts' Second World War 47/21 Bill Daye, Painter, A Visit with 30/23 Bill Daye: Stories for Susie 32/ 14 Bill Forbrigger and Coastal Schooners 38/57 Bill Fraser, Superintendent R.C.M.P., Rtd. 34/21 Billy James MacNamara of Evanston 49/55 Bowden Murphy: 24 Years Splitting Fish 34/IFC Bowden Murphy: A Brief Tale 42/IFC "But we went out after mackerel...!" 47/39 C. M. (Clem) Anson and Steel 28/43 Cape Bretoners in World War One 33/1 Capt. David A. lyicLeod: My Early Years 33/41 Capt. George Dolomont, A Visit with 15/31 "Caribou" Ferry Sinking, & "Grand- mere": 1942 46/BC Our thanks to the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture for its generous assistance in the production of this Guide.
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