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Page 72 - A Visit With Gertie Boutilier Turnbull

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (174 reads)

years old. I'd be 20 in August. I was mar? ried in June, 1914. (And you came right to Cape Breton?) Yeah, came to Cape Breton. We got married up in Coxheath there. (Had you ever been in Cape Breton before?) Never. (What did you think you were going to find in Cape Breton in 1914?) I don't know. (Oh, you do know.) Well, I came on the farm. I came on the farm, and I liked the old people. The old grandmother was 95 when I came there--92 or 93 or something like that--she died when she was 95, in the First War. 1915 she died. The same house I was into. (So who was the lady of the house then, when you came?) Well, there was an elder sister. And the old lady that was in her 90's. When they lost their mother, old by A. J. MacMillan • 650 PAGES • 30 YEARS OF RESEARCH • To the Hill of Boisdale The First Genealogical Study of the Boisdale Area Includes the front and rear settlements of Glasgow, Beaver Cove, Bois? dale, Ironville, Barrachois, Long Island, Scotch Lake, Leitche's Creek, Frenchvale, Beechmont, and the South Side of Boularderie Island. The main body of the work traces the Scottish pioneers of the area, from their departure, up to the present day. A 45-page mtroduction treats reasons for emigrating from Scotland, con? ditions of the voyage, acquisition of land grants, early Irish settlers, histo? ries on Boisdale parish & Leitche's Greek congregation. Five appendices include one with Gaelic personal names and their meanings and origins. $35.00 Hardcover • 650 Pages • Maps and Photographs Available at Boisdale Co-op Store, or send cheque or money order to: Music Hill Publications, P.O. Box 1612, Sydney, N. S. BIP 6R8 ' Send $35 Canadian or $30 U.S. Include your name, address, & postal code.' granny'brought them up--the 95-year-old woman. (So what was your place in that house?) Doing all I could, waiting on eve? rybody. I had two hired men. And I had my husband, and my husband's father, and the old lady, and me with my kids, and myself. And in those days it wasn't turning a tap on, it was a pump they had. (Who did the cooking?) I did the cooking. I couldn't boil water without burning it, like my first husband said. And I wasn't married 3 months when I could cook every? thing. I'd watch my husband's sister. She showed me how to bake bread--used to make bread twice a week. Eighteen loaves of bread a week, we'd make. Big loaves of bread, and bake everything. Big cakes--big breadpan cakes. Not a little wee square 6- by-6, it was a great big breadpan cake we'd make. (Who did the laundry?) We did it in the tub--in the washboard. And then after awhile they got a washing machine you used by hand--push it back and forth, back and forth. We housecleaned. (Was the grand? mother helping?) Yes. She'd look after the kids, and we'd do the housecleaning. (And then, were there animals?) My husband had the cows and the horses. They always had 3 and 4 horses, beautiful horses. Yeah, looked after the cattle out there and the barn. (Did the women do that?) No, no, no. I never milked a cow in my life. And I lived a good many years on the farm, and I never milked a cow. But I often used to go out in the barn when he'd be milking the cows. And he'd say, "Pump that water.' They had a pump. And at the last of it they had a tap. All you had to do was turn the tap on. They had the tap in the barn ~ 40 YEARS OF SERVICE TO CAPE BRETON ?? mt aU|tlJircn*0 Ati 'ocicttr of C'jjc Ireton 03 INTAKE problem identification; referral CHILDREN IN CARE counselling; support i'he HOME STUDIES PROTECTION FOSTER HOMES ADOPTION support services; crisis intervention all ages, in permanent homes Suite 7, Provincial Building, 360 Prince Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 5L1 (562-5506) I SINGLE MOTHERS COMMtJNITY'S RESPONSIBILITY IS TO PROTECT OXm CHILDREN I Counselling; SUppOft '?? NITEO WAY SERVICE AGENCY"
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