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Page 89 - Stories Told about the Bagpipes

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (175 reads)

enough on the music, they knew that he played this tune in a different setting to what the others had used. And that made them suspicious, and they got figuring it out. And that's the way it ended, that he was the one that stabbed this peddler. (This piper was the one.) Yes. He stabbed the peddler and he threw him over the cliff. And he took the pack off him, and carried that away with him. And of course, if he had any money on him, of course, it would be just as easy to take as the rest. (Are we saying that the music communicated the words?) Oh yes, of course. Oh yes, be? cause you played a certain tune, and you had a setting of the tune, and people knew the words of that tune. And then, they listened to m?? playing it--I played it with a different group of words. I had the same timing, and pretty much the same--but there were different sounds, different touches in it, different endings. And there's a difference in the tune. Well, now, they'd work on it that way. with a crowd, with people on board. And of course they were waiting for them in here. Well, it was the end, because they (would) just massacre them as soon as they came in. And he knew who was coming, and he played the pipes. He was playing this pi? broch (piobaireachd)- -1 suppose moving back and forth and playing it. And they could hear it on the boat. And he was giv? ing them a warning to keep away--avoid-- shun--to shun the fort. The gun or whatev? er- -to shun that. And he was putting that down. He'd put a cutting in there for "shun"--seachainn--he put in that cutting, fingering, on the chanter. Seachainn. which means shun, or avoid. And dun. He made a beautiful tune out of it, and played it. And they put about and sailed away. And of course the other fellows--the fel? lows in there--cut his fingers off because they figured that he gave them the warn? ing. They could see the vessel coming in. But when he played the tune, the vessel (The tune would communicate a Gaelic word.) Yes, it was set up in Gaelic to begin with, yes. And if you knew the tune and knew the Gael? ic words for the tune, you'd know that the man was playing it in the original setting, the setting that you knew. If you learned that tune from somebody, and had all the Gaelic words that went with it, and somebody played it, and played it a little bit dif? ferent- -you'd know right away, he's not playing the old tune that 1 used to know.. . . You see, there was some? thing different about the endings on the tune, that wasn't the same as the original. That's where they picked it up.... (So he played his confes? sion.) So he played it, just telling about it. Somebody heard it and picked it up, and perhaps they got the authorities working on it, or so.... There was supposed to be a piper at the dun, they call it--the fort--and he was out there piping. And he played a tune. I suppose the people in there never heard it. And they weren't keen enough on, to pick up. And the boat coming in-- their ship was coming in People In The Same Boat Help One Another In our multiracial and ethnic origin, national origin, multicultural province women physical or mental disability, and men of all ages and sex, marital status, age and abilities can build a society of source of income. But the best peace and prosperity protection against together. discrimination is YOU. Your The Nova Scotia Human attitude and behaviour are Rights Act prohibits the best guarantees that discrimination on the basis of equal opportunity is indeed race, religion, colour, creed, for all of us. HEAD OFFICE REGIONAL OFFICES P.O. Box 2221 Basin Place Provincial 176 Archimedes St, Halifax, N.S. 68 Water St. BIdg. P.O. Box 728 B3J3C4 P.O. Box 1029 Prince St. New Glasgow, N.S. 424-4111 Digby. N.S. Sydney. N.S. B2H 2P8 or 424-7690 BOY lAO B1P5L1 752-3075 245-4791 563-2140 ' ' Human Rights 'isi' Commission Honourable Thomas J. Mclnnis Minister
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