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Page 91 - Stories Told about the Bagpipes

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (265 reads)

The Trippers During a recent visit to John Alec and Sadie MacNeil in Frenchvale, Sadie jigged frag? ments of the tune in a 2-part setting similar to the version recorded by Jerry Holland on his second LP. The 4-part (ABCB) arrangement given here is based on a home tape of the late Donald Angus Beaton of Mabou. Angus MacKay's setting (#130 in The Piper's Assistant. circa 1840, probably the first printed source) has a completely different 2nd turn ar? ranged in G major--a variation which is reflected as well in the jig called "The High? lander" in O'Neill's Music of Ireland (#857) and O'Neill's 1001 Gems (#117). Jig Col. Stockwell This march is found on a Paddy LeBlanc LP (currently out of print) which was recorded during the 'sixties. A couple of my musical friends. Tommy Basker and Gordon MacLean, consider this the most beautiful march ever made. March TARBOT VALE 'NORDIC SKI HIGH QUALITY CROSS COUNTRY EQUIPMENT & EXPERTISE 929-2603 THE CAPE BRETON PEPSI LOPPET SERIES Cross-Country Recreational Skiing Events • January 14 • Clan Nordic Loppet • lona • January 28 • Silver Oak Loppet • St. Peters February 11 • Heritage Loppet • Ingonish Beach • - • February 19 • Cheticamp Loppet • Cheticamp IVlarch 4 • Big Farm Classic • Baddeck • March 11 • Jackrabbit Day • lona April 2 • Highland Marathon • Cape North Contact Tom Wilson 295-3231 (daytime) • Match 12 • Highland Spring Loppet • Cape North
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