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Page 101 - With John J. and Sadie Theriault

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (199 reads)

white Point, he was our dealer. So, I'd go to Joe Asseff and I'd get stuff enough to do me for 2 or 3 weeks, you know, to come back. And when I came back, then, what money I had made at North River, I took it down and paid him off for his bills. I al? ways was a pretty honest man. Everybody'11 tell you that, that knows me. We paid our bills off. And then, the next month, we're short of stuff again. No money. So, back to North River again. Isn't that right? Sadie: Yeah. And then he ran the mail for 15 years from Smelt Brook here to White Point, from White Point to Neil's Harbour. By foot.... He'd take the mail there, on his back. And there was no road. He just--a path--he had to open a path through the alders, to go through it. And maybe some nights it'd be 12 o'clock when he'd get home. With the mail. He'd have a bag of mail, big bag of mail strapped on his--in the summertime, now--strapped onto his back, and another one in front. Especially catalogues. When those catalogues would come out. John; Three times a week it was. (And was there a lot of mail in those days?) Oh, sometimes it was all I could manage. Some? times all I could carry back. Of course you could carry 50 or 60 or 70 pounds, you know. But that's a heavy mail on your back. At that distance. There was 4 miles through the woods to White Point. It was 2 miles from White Point up to here. That was 6 miles. It'd be 12 miles two ways. I had to go and come. That was 12 miles a day. (Three times a week.) Three times a week. (And what did they pay you to do that? John J. laughs.) I hate to tell you. I got $15 a month for 2 months, and every 3 months I got $17.50. It wasn't very much. Some? times I used to have to get some? body to run the mail for me, see. Maybe it was better (for) me. And I'd go to North River to try to make some more money. Wasn't mak? ing enough to live on. (Was this all year round that you took the mail, or only in the fine weather?) No, all the year round, winter and summer. Sometimes--I used snowshoes in the winter. I used to make the snowshoes my? self. .. . Sadie: Snowshoes and hand sleigh in the wintertime. (And it would rain sometimes?) John J. laughs: Oh, yes. It wasn't too bad, you know, but I got wet different times. I can't remember just how often. But when it rained I likely got wet. Sometimes I had oil- clothes. You can't walk a distance like that with oilclothes on very good. It's almost better to be wet. In the summertime. Sadie: Well now, a real stormy day, he wouldn't go. John: If it wasn't fit to travel, I wouldn't have to go. If it wasn't fit to travel.... I've been caught in many, you couldn't see a hand before--you'd put snowshoes on, of course, you know. When you're used to that, you don't mind it so much. Sadie: But there'd be always two men go out. If there was a storm, there'd be always two men go meet him. John: When you're born in a place like this, you don't take much notice of bad weather. You know that. You know, you're used to it. Now a stormy day didn't mean a thing to me. I couldn't see a hand before, I'd get out cutting wood or hauling wood just the same as if it was fine. And you rigged up for it, too, see. (And what would you do on the days when you were not carrying the mail?) Get wood. Get wood. For to keep the fires going, keep the .house warm. (Would you keep ani? mals?) Yes, we kept a cow. Sadie: We had 2 Will your furnace pass H' the test?. Not all of them will. Without a fiimace eflSdency test, your heating system can't operate at peak performance and may waste fael and money. Experts suggest an efficiency test every time the burner is serviced. Modern burners can't even be adjusted properly without one. Studies show a system tune-up can save an averse of ten per cent and mean smoother performance and safer operation. Rating EfBdenq' An efficiency rating of 80 % is excellent, 75 % to 80 % is good, 70 % to 75 % is fair, and below 70 % is poor. Some systems can be improved. With others, replacing the burner and/or fiimace is a better investment. An efficiency test can help you make the right choice. Routine maintenance may not be enough to get top performance for your ftiel dollar. Ask your fiimace service company for your efficiency test today. Enerinfo To leam more about efficiency tests, when to buy a new bumer or fiirnace, improving your heating system, and better maintenance, call one of our Energy Advisors. ENERINFO 1 -424-5727 (TOLL-FREE in Nova Scotia) or write Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy PO Box 1087 Halifax, N.S. B3J 2X1 Sponsored by the Canada/Nova Scotia Oil Substitution and Conservation Agreement.
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