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Page 112 - With John J. and Sadie Theriault

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (161 reads)

was dinner time. And he was just like.... John: No, he was working there--he was cleaning it out. Sadie: So he figured he'd clean it out while the dinner hour was on. So, the boss came in.... (You used to make a poem when someone died. But you didn't make a poem about this death.) John: No. (Nor did anybody on that.) No. (That's too tough, to try to do for your? self.) It's harder to do anything for yourself. (Like that.) Some people don't mind, but--I wasn't that--I was soft. Sadie: Well, we'll be 65 years married the last of July, if God'11 spare us. And he hasn't been one day sick since we were married. Never even had to go to bed with a cold. And I had him to the doctor Tues? day. Doctor said he doesn't need--he's not even taking a blood pill.... Doctor said he doesn't need anything'... The doctor said he's perfect healthy--doesn't need nothing, he said, no pills, no nothing. John: I had a medical test.... Sadie: Four years ago.... John: And the doctor--a wom? an doctor, it was. She went all over me-- stripped right down, went all over me, never left a thing. And when she was done, she said, "Mr. Theriault," she said, "I never examined a man like you." She said, "You're perfect in every way." Sadie: Yeah, the doctor told him the otlier day.... He said, "I don't even have to give him a blood pill." He never took med? icine. Must be tobacco's keeping him healthy. John; Didn't hurt me, couldn't hurt me. Well, tobacco is a dirty habit. But you ORDER NOW from Cape Breton's magazine CASSETTE TAPES: FIDDLE MUSIC D Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector Mike MacDougall, violin, with Tim Donovan, guitar Canada $6.00 (in Nova Scotia add 600 sales tax) Outside Canada $7.00 D Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs Dan R. MacDonald, Dan Joe Maclnnis, Donald MacLellan, Theresa MacLellan, Johnny Wilmot, and their accompanists Canada $7.00 (in Nova Scotia add 700 sales tax) - Outside Canada $8.00 D Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald: House Parties and 78s 90 minutes of fiddle music • all the unavailable 78 records, plus home tapes made for friends Canada $10.00 ($11.00 in Nova Scotia) Outside Canada $10.00 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE CAPE BRETON BOC IHO NOVA SCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson Paul Cranford • Carol Kennedy Mary Ann Wilson?Angus R. MacDonald JANUARY 1989 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE BUILT TO LAST! MAGAZINES D 4-lssue Subscriptions (See beiow) D Back Issues (See below, and page 62) BOOKS AND BOOKLETS DThe Cape Breton Giant $5.95 (See page49) By James D. Gillis " informative, entertaining, outrageous book--a book about not one but two singular Cape Bretoners: The Giant Angus MacAskill, and the author, James D. Gillis." With photographs, & Memoir by Thomas H. Raddall. D New Englanders Take Louisbourg, 1745 $3.25 In clear, conversational form, this quality 24-page booklet tells the story of the first siege of Louisbourg. Includes brief extracts from siege diaries, maps, & photos of reconstructed Louisbourg. and ? A NEW BOOK! The Lives of Cape Bretoners Selected from the First 50 Issues of Cape Breton's MAGAZINE 121 photographs over 300 pages $19.95 In quality paperback SUBSCRIPTIONS For more details about CAPE BRETON LIVES see page 105 of this magazine. 4 ISSUES (FOREIGN) $15.00 4 ISSUES IN CANADA $11.00 BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE see page 62 of this magazine Di'v'rx tK9
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