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Page 114 - With John J. and Sadie Theriault

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1 (155 reads)

it. It might offend them. But they all knew. They were satisfied I was willing to do it. (And there was another one about one drown? ing?) Sadie; Willie Dan Dixon. (Did that family ask you to make the poem, too?) Yes. His oldest sister asked him if he'd write the poem--Willie Dan's oldest sister. And he made it. And she took it and got a copy of it, and she sent away and got it print? ed.... Now I don't know where it is now. She passed away long ago.... No idea where to find it. No idea in the world. (How about the one for Archie and the Dun? phy fellow?) They're all gone, too. He nev? er kept any copies--that's the problem. He made them and then he never kept any copies for himself. He just made them and gave them out. John: I made them and gave the ones out. They liked it, any for myself. and I never made SKI CLOTHING & SKIS Schneider Ditrani Sun Ice Woolrich . Descente | Volkl Fisher Rossignol Head Kastle #DESCENTE I Milling Boots and Wallcing Slioes COMPLETE SKI SERVICING including Stone Grinding Base Repair, Binding IVIounting and Calibration I HOURS: Monday to Wednesday 9-6 p.m. ?? Thursday and Friday 9-9 p.m. I Saturday 9-5 p.m. ?? '' 189 Townsend St., Sydney B 539-7165 H (The one for Willie Dunphy--how long ago was that?) Oh, my God--long time ago. (Is that one where they didn't find the bodies for a long time?) Sadie: That's right, that's right. (And then, when they found the one, he wasn't complete.) No, no. They found Willie. They were drowned in Decem? ber- -the 27th of December they were drowned. And Willie Dunphy, the young fel? low, they got him in May down on the beach. And then in July they got the other man, Archie MacKinnon. )hn: And then another one about (Sadie's) father and (his) son, that (were) blowed away and picked up by the Caribou (ferry) from Newfoundland--way off of Newfound? land, coming this way. They were adrift, laying down in the boat. Gave up their life and lay down holding one another. Her father and son. Sadie: My brother. They blew away. They went fishing. And there was a snow squall struck in, on the 9th day of November dn 19-and-12. And they had an open boat with just two oars. And in? stead of coming in, they went to sea, and were gone for 3 days and 3 nights. So that the ship coming up from Newfoundland, the Caribou, picked them up, and took them in? to North Sydney. My brother, he never got over it. He was frozen so bad, he died--he only lived a couple of years. But my fa? ther lived--he was 64 when he died. But that hurt him too--he was frozen bad, too. (And you made a poem, Mr. Theriault, for that.) John: And that was quite a song. I don't know where it is now. Sadie: Yeah, he had a nice song. (And you have no idea where that poem is now.) No idea at all. (Can you remember any of it?) John: Oh, no. My memory's all gone. Sadie: His memo? ry's not all that good. (He remembered the A NEW BOOK OF SELECTIONS FROiVI THE LIVES IN CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE: Cape Breton LIVES SEEPAGE?? The Cape Breton Tourist Association Offers 100,000 Welcomes to All Visitors to Our Island You will find the hospitality truly outstanding while you visit with us. And we hope you will remember us kindly when you return to your homes. IF YOU THINK THE WINTER IS GREAT- COME SEE us NEXT SUMMER! It Don Blackwood, Executive Director, Cape Breton Tourist Association, 20 Keltic Drive, Sydney River, Nova Scotia BIS 1P5 WRITE FOR FURTHER INFORIVIATION, OR PHONE 539-9876 Photo by Warren Gordon
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