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> Issue 51 > Page 7 - California to Cape Breton, 1917

Page 7 - California to Cape Breton, 1917

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (272 reads)

good meal, at noon, with the hot stuff-- you know, getting the wood, and stop and get a good hot lunch. We only ate in one restaurant from the time we left Los Angeles until we got back again. We ate one meal in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Well, we sat by the counter there in Halifax. We were going across--over (to Dartmouth) on a boat. We were trying to make home on Saturday. was get? ting late, and we didn't want to stop to build a fire and get something. And I guess evidently we were tired of cold food, you know. Although, eats were never a problem with us for some reason--I don't ANNOUNCING know why. We stopped at the little markets and bought whatever we thought we'd need-- steak or hamburg or something like that-- and cook it. It was easy that way. There never was any problem. Really, the gasoline and the food was no problem. The tires were a problem. And the fear of not having enough water to get to the next place. You have to get water. (You had no problem with people bothering you, troubling you?) No. No. (What would you say was the big highlight of your trip?) Getting home to my father TI and mother. I was always look? ing forward to it. (Scenery wasn't...?) No, sceneries didn't mean.... (Voice of Frank MacRae. The Taste of Nova Scotia. It's ocean-fresh seafood and crisp local produce. Traditional dishes and light, imaginative cooking. Nova Scotia fruit and real cream in your coffee. Now, we've created a new symbol to help diners find the Taste of Nova Scotia. The Taste of Nova Scotia program will promote our fine Nova Scotia food products and benefit three important Nova Scotia industries . . . tourism, fishing and agriculture. The Taste of Nova Scotia is a new standard. It's the high standard of fresh Nova Scotia products. Lighter, healthy meals prepared with homemade care and served with Nova Scotia hospitality. The Taste of Nova Scotia is a new symbol. When diners see our symbol, they'll know it's a restaurant Nova Scotians are proud of. The Taste of Nova Scotia is a new guidebook. It will list the member establishments of the Taste of Nova Scotia and, this summer, we'll be distributing some 100,000 copies to Nova Scotians and visitors. The Taste of Nova Scotia program was created by the Nova Scotia Departments of Tourism and Culture, Fisheries, and Agriculture and Marketing in co-operation with the private sector. We're letting the world know where to find . . . the Taste of Nova Scotia. UOl''ha'cx John M. Buchanan, P.C., Q.C. Premier of Nova Scotia Ruth's brother: And your 10- year-old broth? er- -never meant a thing I...) My husband had a camera-- beautiful thing. He got it second hand, and he paid a good price, which I would call about...$51, he paid for it. And he took some beautiful pictures.... (The travellers got t
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