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> Issue 51 > Page 9 - California to Cape Breton, 1917

Page 9 - California to Cape Breton, 1917

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (256 reads)

band wanted to get home to my father and mother as much as we wanted. So. And he went around and, "Is there any place where I could find somebody? Who's running this ferry?" Or, "Where is the ferryman?"... Well then, finally, some guy came along. "Will I get across the ferry?" "Yes." And here's these waves that were (coming up the) side. And you know, I'm afraid, scared for my life, of water. And Mae's not very good, so. We said to him, "We would like to get across this ferry tonight. Because we hate to stay here till morning, before we'd lose time." Because we were trying to get "Famous last words." "Come on, Mom, you know I'm a good driver." "I know. But it's a big occasion and you'll be out with your friends. If you wind up having a few drinks you mightn't be so terrific driving home." "I won't drink. I promise." "That's easy enough to say now." "Well, I can always get a lift back with one of the others." "I have a better idea. '''"'''' • ?' '''V Why don't you all share a cab ?? I Ifl instead? It won't be that B B B 'L . expensive and you might be '' doing yourselves a favor." "Maybe you're right. Maybe none of us should bother with a car after all." "Good. Now tell me, what time do you expect to be home?" "Aw, Mom." trust Seagram For a free chart on responsible drinking limits, write to us. P.O. Box 847, Station H, Montreal, Quebec. H3G 2M8 home to our parents tomorrow, on Saturday. Well, he said, "I'll take them across for $5." And the boys said, "Well, 5, that's all right." And he (got them aboard his boat). And he--one, and one, one. "Now be sure to stay on that floor, now." (A place for the wheels, was it?) (It was just boards to pet on the boat. If those boards had gone.) I wouldn't be here today. (How many cars did he take on that?) Just the one. (Just the one.) Just the one. (He was all by himself.) All by himself. And it was getting dark. (Did he charge you?) Five dollars. And of course we (already) had to pay so many dollars--in fifty cents--for (crossing) the Mississippi Riv? er. I think the boys told me we crossed the Mis? sissippi River 10 times, I think. Fifty cents, (each time). But that was no problem at that time. But when we got on that thing and I saw--and Mae saw--this wave coming, away up here.... And we looked, and here's the water. I had a Navajo blanket that went through the fire in San Francis? co- -San Francis? co fire in 1906 --we put it on our heads and we stooped down, away down in the bottom of the car so we wouldn't see any more. And I heard the fellow say, "Now be careful in get? ting off this here, that you don't miss the board!" But they didn't miss the board, evident? ly, because we're here. And when we got off that board, I'll tell you right now, the blanket came off our heads, and we stuck them up to see what we could seel That
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