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Page 36 - Percy Peters and the Wild Cow

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (310 reads)

er--and they were all doing well--they were hitting her on the horn--firing for the head. So anyway, she tried to get out, over the barbed-wire fence that was across the back. And she turned--and I was trying to get a shot at her. So just she turned, my brother Bill got an? other shot at her. He struck her right here and downed her, and that was it.... It's all right people say, "You might have been poor shots, you couldn't take a shot at her." But I didn't want to shoot her through body and ruin meat. And probably go away suffer somewhere. There was no damage done to the meat or anything. We saved it, you know. (You shot her "Right here"--is where?) Right in the forehead. It was just lucky, the way she was run? ning. But she was trying to get over the fence, to get out. The will to live, I guess. Oh, she had to be crazy, too. You know, along with cross. I suppose, with strangers and everything. I related the story when we bought her about the Indian and everything, didn't I? (Yes.) Yes, I wasn't laughing about the Indian. He was right, "There's something wrong with the cow. He's making her blind"--see? (And when she fell, then what did you do?) Oh, you'd have to bleed her, see. I bled her. Bled well. We didn't shoot her any? where- -that 's what you do in the slaugh? terhouse, anyway--shoot them in the head. And it's a normal way to do it, and humane. So, she didn't suffer any, too. You know, those little bangs on the head there, they were just grazed shots, you know. Anyway, that's about all I can tell you about the cow. Perce Peters (fiddle) and Tracy Dares (piano) have a new tape, "Party at Marion Bridge,' available in stores or from Clear-wood Records, Box 1163. Antigonish, N. S. B2G 2L6 Nova Scotia's Friendly Seaport NORTH SYDNEY r" m 75 Quality Rooms and Suites Signature Fishery Restaurant St. Pierre Connection Rum Bar Reception and Meeting Facilities pool • sauna • whirlpool fitness gym • games room AMPLE PARKING Special Day Rate Program for Ferry Travellers 39 FORREST STREET, P. O. Box 157 NORTH SYDNEY, N. S. B2A 3IVI3 (902) 794-8581 100,000 WELCOMES AWAIT YOU! 'ince 1885, North Sydney has been recognized as' a friendly seaport and has welcomed many a trav? eller, mariner or otherwise, from around the world. Our new Inn continues this tradition, I in a magnificent setting overlooking the harbour. On behalf of the Town Council of the Town of Port Hawkesbury I wish to extend a sincere invitation to all Visitors to Cape Breton Island to come to Port Hawkesbury this year and help us celebrate the Centenary of our incorporation. 100 Years! A grand array of events is planned. Visit your tourist bureau for more information. Almon Chisholm Mayor of Port Hawkesbury
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