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Page 56 - Crusing Cape Breton, 1878 & 1884

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (206 reads)

The wind was still ahead the following moming, but we concluded to take advantage of the ingoing tide and beat up as far as Hawksbury. But the rest of the fleet decided to wait for a change of wind. The tide through the strait of Canso, or Canseau, when going with the current, mns from five to seven miles an hour, and, when opposed by a south- eriy wind, produces a violent sea, which it is impossible for a vessel to breast. But with the aid of this tide a fore-and-aft schooner can beat up when it is not blowing too hard. The strait averages from one to two miles in width, and is atx)ut twenty-five miles long. The entrance is very beautiful and impressive, and the prospect increased in loveli- Vac Shack C #1 For Service ) VACUUM SALES & SERVICE • Parts & Accessories • Most Makes & Models 15% DISCOUNT FOR SENIORS 213 Charlotte St. Sydney, N. S. 562-5562 ness and variety as we proceeded. On one side we had Cape Breton Island, and on the other the shores of Nova Scotia.... By noon we succeeded in anchoring in a snug berth at Port Hawks- bury, where we were forced to lie two days with a fleet of vessels waiting for a change of wind, which had set in with vexatious persis? tency from the north-east. But we might have been in a worse place, for the scenery is of the most exquisite character, and I often won? dered while there that so little has been written about the loveliness of the Strait of Canso. The shores of Cape Breton are here more var? ied and picturesque than in any other part of the island, while the op? posite shore of Nova Scotia rivals it in attraction. There-is, also, more of the human element in this neighborhood than one sees in many of the prettiest parts of the maritime provinces; and this, in my opinion, always adds greatly to natural scenery, by contributing aids to senti? ment, such as old mills, old granges, old orchards, leafy lanes, dilapi? dated wharves, church spires, quaint inns, and the like. Now, the re? gion around Port Hawksbury and Port Mulgrave, which lies directly opposite, is abundantly provided with all these features, which make it of especial interest to artists, and, in fact, to all of cultivated minds. In a lesser way, of course, it reminded me frequently of the finest parts of the Bosporus. There are some delicious bits of picturesque- ness at Port Mulgrave, to which we crossed by a steam ferry-boat, CASSETTE TAPES: FIDDLE MUSIC D Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector Mike MacDougall, violin, with Tim Donovan, guitar Canada $6.00 (in Nova Scotia add 600 sales tax) Outside Canada $7.00 D Cape Breton Fiddlers on Eariy LPs Dan R. MacDonald, Dan Joe Maclnnis, Donald MacLellan, Theresa MacLellan, Johnny Wilmot, and their accompanists Canada $7.00 (in Nova Scotia add 700 sales tax) Outside Canada $8.00 D Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald: House Parties and 78s 90 minutes of fiddle music • all the unavailable 78 records, plus home tapes made for friends Canada $10.00 ($11.00 in Nova Scotia) Outside Canada $10.00 ORDER NOW from Cape Breton's magazine Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE CAPE BRETON BOC IHO NOVA SCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson Paul Cranford?Carol Kennedy JUNE 1989 MAGAZINES D 4-lssue Su bscriptions (See beiow) D Back Issues (See below) BOOKS AND BOOKLETS DThe Cape Breton Giant $5.95 By James D. Gillis " informative, entertaining, outrageous book~a book about not one but two singular Cape Bretoners: The Giant Angus MacAskill, and the author, James D. Gillis." With photographs, & Memoir by Thomas H. Raddall. DNew Englanders Take Louisbourg, 1745 $3.25 In clear, conversational form, this quality 24-page booklet tells the story of the first siege of Louisbourg. Includes brief extracts from siege diaries, maps, & photos of reconstructed Louisbourg. and ? A NEW BOOK! D At Last! a Locator Guide to Cape Breton's Magazine A detailed 10-page "Guide to Issues 1 thru 50," including ail Articles and Speakers, appears in issue 50. Single copies of Issue 50: $3.25 The Lives of Cape Bretoners Selected from the First 50 Issues of Cape Breton's MAGAZINE 121 photographs over 300 pages $19.95 in quality paperback BREAKWATER CAPE BRETON LIVES $19.95 (for shipping outside Canada, add $1.50 for postage) SUBSCRIPTIONS 4 ISSUES IN CANADA $11.00 4 ISSUES (FOREIGN) $15.00 56 BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE (except Numbers 2,5,19, and 26) Within Canada: $2.75 each for all back issues. Outside Canada: $3.00 each for Issues 1 to 30 $3.75 each for Issues 31 to 51
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