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Page 68 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (216 reads)

matter of fact, on the last game of the season, with a team like that that hadn't done anything all year, he won the scoring title. On the last night of the season--he needed 5 points to do it, and he got the 5 points and won the scoring title. Which was unbelievable, considering we had a team that languished in the basement all year. Fred Courtney I never really started playing hockey until I was about 12. Then I got into organized hockey in the school. And then I start? ed playing Junior Hockey when I was 15. I attended the New York Rangers training camp when I was 15. That was located in Quebec City. And I went to the camp there for two weeks. They sent me home at that time, but wanted me to sign a form to go back the next year. But I refused to sign it; I didn't want to go back. Never went back after that. (So at 15 they thought you were going to be pretty good.) They thought I had potential. A lot of people that knew me thought I did. Like, I grew up--my father left home when I was 5. My moth? er raised me. He'd come back every once in awhile. But--kind of a shy person, not used to big cities. And you drop a fellow like me into Quebec City, that grew up in a place like--well, I was born in Halifax, but I grew up really in New Waterford and Donkin. And drop me into Quebec City--and not too inspired by it. So, I came home. And I wouldn't go back. They wanted me to come back. (You use the word "shy." But I don't think of hockey as a shy person's sport. Do you?) Well, no. But, for me, I was a dif? ferent person on the ice than I was off. I The HIGH WHEELER 295-3006 Cafe * Deli * Bakery %'''' ENJOY TME DECK IN TME HEART OF BADDECK! guess, the Jekyll-and-Hyde syndrome. When I got off the ice, very mild-mannered. I wouldn't say too much. But on the ice, I was very aggressive. That side of me took over. I played with a desire to win. And that was my ultimate goal. And I would fight, if it called for it. You know, I didn't go out of my way to hurt anybody. But if you did me dirt, then you could ex? pect the same back. But off the ice, it was altogether different. I would never fight or anything off the ice. So it was a complete turnaround, on the ice. (Did you like yourself? Did you like the fellow who you saw on the ice? Then.) Well, then, I did. Because I felt that hockey was an aggressive sport. And if you wanted to survive in it then you had to be somewhat aggressive. And not be too timid. I still feel that way.... Nobody ever abused me because I wouldn't allow it. Bird Island Tours A 21/2 hour cruise from MOUNTAIN VIEW BY THE SEA Camping and Cabins 4 miles off Trans-Canada Highway (Route 105) at BIG BRAS D'OR, CAPE BRETON TOURS LEAVE 10 A.M. and 1:30 P.M, 7 DAYS A WEEK * (902)674-2384 CASTLAND Plymouth chrysler ltd. "We Make Them the Best, So We Back Them the Best" Dakota 4 x 2 SE and 4 x 4 The Only Truck in the Industry with 7 Years/115,000 Kilometres Warranty The Best in the Industry WELTON STREET SYDNEY The Best Backed Used Cars in the Island 539-2280 EASTLAND Plymouth Chrysler Ltd. "Sfori'- * The Home of the SUNDANCE and the SHADOW *
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