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Page 71 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (217 reads)

Murray Matheson I was born in Sydney--all my life, worked and lived here. I think (hockey) always had a part in my life. I used to listen to the old hockey games on radio. And, just got fond of it, and that was it. (Did your father play hockey?) No, he didn't, no. Dad wasn't sports-minded at all. (How did you get into it?) Just with the fellows in the road, playing street hockey and ball hockey. That was about it. I always played goal. (That's different than anything else played on a team, it seems to me.) Well, it's the sort of thing as a catcher in ball or a pitcher. He's in the game at all times--or he should be, you know what I mean. Basically the same thing. (But have a long stride isn't im? portant.) Oh no, like I said, I had trou? ble skating anyway. So this is where the fellows used to put me! Murray laughs. Stick me in the net, and that was it. (But everything centres on the goalie-- finally.) Well, everybody can make a mis? take but the goaltender. Defence can make a mistake. If they make a mistake, I'm there to cover them up. But if I can't cover them up and it goes in the net, I'm the goat. But if you win the game, too, you're the hero then. So it works both ways. (That 1955-56 season) I think we won three games out of the whole year. And then when the play-offs came, we just caught fire and that was it--there was nothing stop? ping us. Those things happen in sports. I think that's where they got the name "Cin? derella Kids"--it was just a Cinderella story and that was all. We had a good bunch of backers. We had some good people behind us that believed in us, and that was it. North Sydney won in the Junior A. They were a big team, they were a strong team. They were Number 1 in the Maritimes, as a Junior A team. We still don't know what happened. We just caught fire and we beat them. There's nothing you could do with it, you know. (So here you are covering the goal. And they're coming at you. And you're the only thing between them and that goal.) Well, you just don't think of it. You just don't think of it in that sense. Your job is out there to stop that puck, and if you can, you do it. And their objective is to get that thing behind you the best way they know how. But you just do what you have to do, and that's it. Jim Sampson Motors Ltd. SA YS "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY" Cape Breton's Authorized '' Volkswagen Audi Dealer '' 539-1610 M 132 TOWNSEND ST. BHI SYDNEY, N. s. The "I Care" People An Established Leader in Fuel Economy 150 YEARS OF SHIP REPAIRS TRADITION If we don't have it. We can get it! If we cant get it, It doesn't existi' Good People Sea & Shore Services Inc. "You are welcome to be served by long tradition and high quality." ?? Ship & Industrial Repairs ?? Dry Docking (1000T) ?? Marine TraveLift (150T) ?? Diesel Engines Repairs & Rebuilding ?? Propellor Repairs ?? Welding ?? Carpentry ?? Diving Services ?? Fueling '''*on ''' Commercial Street • North Sydney DAY: (902) 794-4741 (office) ~ CALL 24 HOURS A DAY ~ NIGHT: 794-4338 or 539-8634 or 564-5560 or 736-2404 Carmel Ship Supplies Fishing & Fish Plant Supplies, Ship Chandlery SERVING THE INSHORE AND DEEP-SEA COMMERCIAL FISHERMAN 255 Commercial Street, NORTH SYDNEY, Nova Scotia (902) 794-4741
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