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Page 73 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (201 reads)

was good hard-hitting and--that was it. And people enjoyed it. (Porky was kind of gentle, careful?) Porky ! '' was gentle, very gentle! Porky was noted as one of those hockey players that, in order to get around him, you're going to have to go through him. And he would take a run at you. And if the boards were weak, you were through it, and he was right be? hind you. He was quite a hockey player. (So he wasn't worried about meeting you on the street tomorrow.) Oh, there was no-- didn't make any difference to Porky. Porky was rough. (How did you learn to be a goalie?) Whoo, I don't know. I never had any training un? til I--well, a little bit of training when I went to Glace Bay with Manning (Mcln? tyre). But nothing--played school hockey. Midget Hockey, and Juvenile Hockey. And, you just pick it up. We had no coaches in goaltending at that time. You just did your best. You were told how to cut your angles down by people that did know. I got a lot of help when the old Major League was here, when Nick Pasadio and Jackie Gibson were here. (How did you get a lot of help?) Well, I'd go down and watch them, at practice. And sometimes I'd be a go-for: run for the towels, and get oranges for the games, and stuff like this. And once in awhile I'd be on the ice with them. And then, on Bentinck Street, Red MacRae and these people. Gosh, I can't think of their names now. Where the library's at to? day, there used to be a church. And right across the street from that was a boarding house. I believe it's still there today. And we used to play street hockey. See, these fellows used to come up from the rink, after their practice. And they'd bring us up the old broken sticks, and we used to play hockey in the street with them. So it was just--it was bred into us-- it was just something you did. Something you did here, was play hockey. Either street hockey, or whatever. And these peo? ple help a lot. Especially if you stop and look and watch--you can learn a lot. (How would you practice as a goalie?) Well it's just, like I'm saying, it's like everything else. You get your angles--try to get your angles. (Your angles are what?) SM'S' hndoyvs! 341 Welton St., Sydney SERVING ALL OF CAPE BRETON PRODUCTS LTD. Phone:539-4111 • No structural changes • No more painting • Clean from inside FREE ESTIMATES Murray Matheson of the Giace Bay Miners stops Lloyd Dennison of the Sydney Millionaires in one of l/latheson's 53 record-breai
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