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Page 81 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (301 reads)

Gordon Grant (People like Elmer--"Porky"-- MacMullin--he tells me you liked his style of playing.) Yeah, yeah. Porky was a pretty rough fellow. (And you liked that.) Yeah. Oh, I like hockey good and rough. I don't like it dirty, but, you know--clean stuff, you know what I mean. I like it rough. And Porky was plenty rough.... (You don't like it dirty. But what does playing rough mean?) Well, hitting clean, you know what I mean. I used to tell Porky, "Ten dollars if you can flatten Aubrey Gouthro--twenty if they've got to carry him off." Get him clean, though, you know. (Elmer would go in and do this.) Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah, he was a pretty rough customer. (And they tell me that the crowds would get really excited at these games.) Yes, I guess they would. Do you know where the rink is at? Well, they'd be lined up--on the night of a game--they'd be lined up at 10 o'clock in the morning from Main Street up to the rink, maybe 7 or 8 wide, trying to get seats for the game. Yeah, we used to have some big crowds. You know, what we call big crowds here...., (Now, as well as the team being rough, I understand that sometimes the crowd was rough, too.) Yes. Well, we used to have some rough crowds here, you know. Nobody went to extremes with it, but--Nick Pasa? dio was the goaltender for Sydney, and they fired a bucket of water over him from up above, one day. (Did you ever get into any of the scuf? fles?) To tell you the truth, I didn't back away from any. I didn't back away from any. Yeah, I used to always have a policeman right at the.... I sat in Section K--that was the alleyway between--where I was sit? ting, on the other side of the alleyway were the Sydney players. You know, the visiting team would be sitting there. And you could really give them a good riding, you know! Of course, it was all done in good fun. (Oh, I'm sure. And they would keep a policeman there?) Oh, yeah. Always had a policeman there. (Bill Sidney said if he'd see a scuffle going, he'd know that you were into the fight.) Gordie chuckles. Well, like I say. 539-4413 539-4415 "GOOD DEALS ON GOOD CARS!" Located on the Sydney - Glace Bay Highway 1/2 mile before U.C.C.B. I didn't back away from any, you know. (And he would get over there, and then he would be in the fight, too.) Yeah. Yeah, good fellow. Bill.... Thanks, Coach! Coaches are special people - dedicated to helping Nova Scotians, young and old, develop their potential. During 1989 we will celebrate the Year of the Coach. Use this opportunity to thank your coaches for the effort and energy they contribute to your well-being. Help celebrate their contributions to the community. Publicly recognize their commitment; say "thanks" in a big way! The Coach is someone to look up to! For more information on the Year of the Coach and coaching development programs contact: Program Liaison Officer, Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission, Post Office Box 864 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J2V2, Tel. 424-3913 or the Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission, Regional Office in your area. ' Sport and Recreation Commission
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