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Page 86 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (199 reads)

well with them, because I played their style. And we were always a tough, rough hockey team. Maybe not the most finesse in the world. I remember--I kept an old guy alive in North Sydney, I think. There was an old fellow, I'd say he could have been 80. But he'd come to the rink every night. I was sort of the bad boy with the Glace Bay team. And I'd see him--but I just let him --like, I kept him alive. Because in North Sydney when you were coming off the ice, you had to come in between, like, the fans--you know, walk through the fans, to get in. And I'd watch him every night. And I wore big shoulder pads, they were hard. I'd watch him, and I'd see him sneaking down. See, and he'd be telling his bud? dies- -going to get a crack at me. I, maybe I'd hit somebody that night, or hurt some? body. And he was coming down to get even. He'd come down and I'd--wouldn't let on I was watching. And all of a sudden he'd whack me, and I'd just--and he'd hit the shoulder pad every night. And I'd turn and make a run for him, and he'd go back up through the stands. Now, he was an old man. And I could see him up there with the fist up, showing them how he hit me, eh. But I kept him alive, I'm sure, he used to stay alive just to come and hit me. He'd do it every night and every period. He'd come down and get a crack at me. But I know he felt so good for doing that. And I didn't mind it; I'd let him hit me. And I'd just dodge, that he'd hit me on the shoulder pad, maybe hurt his knuckles. And I'd make a run like I was going to get at Come for the summer, Stay for the fall colours • you are welcome to VICTORIA COUNTY St. Lawr?nc? Bay Make Victoria County the centre of your stay in Cape Breton. Hiking, swimming and golfing, motels or camping, music and dance, museums and crafts? people • Victoria County is a world to explore. And it's an excellent base from which to reach all other parts of the Island. • cqiil' SUMMER OF 1989 Highland Village Day lona AUGUSTS Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod Gaelic College, St. Ann's AUGUST 6 to 12 Regatta Week Bras d'Or Yacht Club, Baddeck AUGUST 6 to 12 Centre Bras d'Or Festival of the Arts Baddeck JULY 14 to AUGUST 19 "CIAD MILE FAILTE" One Hundred Thousand Welcomes VICTORIA COUNTY The Warden, Councillors, and Residents Take time to meet the people of Victoria County. Victoria County Is a Year 'Round Joy! Whether it's a Summer sailing regatta, Winter Alpine and cross-country skiing, or driving and hiking through the Autumn • we invite you to join us, and ... Enjoy Victoria County • We Doi
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