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Page 90 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1 (326 reads)

name of Art Maclntyre, who was playing goal for this team in Quebec, called St. John Braves. There was also a fellow from Sydney who was a top-rate hockey player by the name of Ches Melski, who played for that team. And there was a kid from the Island by the name of Angus Carroll--Angie Carroll, they called him--who was also an excellent hockey player. They were on that team. And Bobby Rousseau was on that team, who became a stalwart with Montreal Cana- diens after--was on the St. John team. And Henri Richard's brother--a fellow by the name of Claude Richard, who never quite made it to the big time--was on that team. They had an excellent team. Somebody at the time told us they had won 80 out of 84 games that year, and that they had beaten Marine Atlantic Marine Atlantique MV CARIBOU NORTH SYDNEY. N.S. - PORT AUX BASQUES, NFLD. This summer, take a day and sa// the ocean blue! Discover the fun-time, family day cruise. Welcome aboard Marine Atlantic's flagship of the fleet, MV Caribou, sailing between North Sydney, Nova Scotia and Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. (.ounges, games, feature length movies, sun decks, entertainment, activity programs, even MV Caribou's children's playroom ... . everything is ship shape and waiting for you. Sail port-to-port and return. June 23 through September 6. ??n;oy this ocean? going family outing for just $22.00 adults, $U.00 for children 5-12. Private cabins are available for an additional $70.00 Book your Caribou Day Cruise now. Call toll free: 1 ??800-565-9470 (N.B., N.S., P.E.I.}, 794-7203 in North Sydney and 1-800-563-7701 (Nfld. a Lab.) ' the Junior Canadiens three times straight, to give you an idea how strong they were. So, we called Art Maclntyre and said, "Do you think this team--could you talk to the manager, and do you think they'd be inter? ested in playing a series with us? Because you guys are locals. Wouldn't you like to come home and play?" St. John Braves were kind of sitting around in the doldrums waiting for play-offs, so they thought this was a great thing. They probably thought--I would think the manager thought, "We'll go down and play these hicks and beat them 25-nothing, and come back, and it'll keep our boys a little sharp until the play-offs." So they were quite eager to play us. But they demanded guarantees--85% of the gate or something--it was outrageous. I think it was 85% of the gate we had to guarantee to them, in order to get them here. So we met as a Board of Directors. We said, "What the hell's the difference? We're not doing anything. We're finished for the year anyway. Let's play them. Give them 85% of the gate. We're going to fill the place. So we'll play them a 5-game se? ries." They agreed. So they came in. They stayed at the Glace Bay Hotel. And the fever, in Glace Bay! We were going to play a team of this kind of calibre. And we weren't expected, of course, to do anything. We were expected to get swamped. I'm sure everybody at the time thought. I think we on the directors were optimistic, but really! Much to our surprise, we were right in the series. I think they won the first one, we won the second, they won the third, we won the fourth. And I think--I'd have to look it up--but I think they won the final game 6-2 or something like that. They beat us out. But it went to the last game. And we packed the place. And we even made a few bucks, giving them 85%. And that's where it all ended. And people never forgot it. I'm sure in Glace Bay people are still talking about the Cinderella Miners. 90 RoUie's (Wharf) Restaurant and Lounge ~ Specializing in Fresh Seafood and Steaks ~ LICENSED RESTAURANT LOUNQE Near Lifeguard Supervised Recreation Lunch and Dinner 11:30 a. m. to 10 p.m. 7 Days a Week 411 Purvis Street in North Sydney on the NORTHSIDE WATERFRONT near MARINE ATLANTIC Monday to Saturday * 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Large Video Screen and Dance Floor Live Entertainment Newly Remodelled Wharf for Pleasure Craft
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