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Page 10 - Remembering Rum-Running Days

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/6/1 (470 reads)

beach there, so they wouldn't have to pump her out. The owners that had the rura was over in Sydney. They came over to North Shore with cars but they didn't find a thing. They raised Cain. They found out that I was around the boat. They went back to Syd? ney. They were going to send a captain to come and get her. And when they were away we seized her. Put the yellow sticker on her and the watchman • and when they came back with a captain they couldn't go aboard of her. We had taken her there and we wanted to get paid for salvaging her. Well the next thing we knew we got a letter from a lawyer • Piracy. One of the worst crimes you can be at. Piracy. To appear in court in Sydney for Piracy. The time came and we went to Sydney and there was nobody appeared against us. So, we got 60 dollars a raan there, for salvage. George Buchanan: I was on the Joseph Patrick. I was five years in those revenue cut? ters. And then I went rum running after that. I got on the Joseph Patrick because I knew the captain. He was chief engineer on the cutter when I was on her. He was a good navigator. He could do anything aboard a ship. And the first load we took it from St, John's, Newfoundland • that's before Confederation, you know • 60,000 dollars worth • and we landed in Gabarus, And the fellow who owned that stuff, he had a poor gang to be looking after 60,000 dollars worth of liquor. And they left some cases laying on the shore, Thera white cases. And the revenue office going around next raorn? ing • used to patrol around the bay in his raotorboat • that's the first thing he spied. But we were off of Glace Bay then. We had sorae stuff hid dovm below, in the forecas? tle. Cutter corae after us, off of Glace Bay. Well, they couldn't prove we were in that bay; we got out of there before daylight. Milton MacKenzie carae aboard, and an? other fellow. Then we carae into Sydney and Custoras raet us there and we were held two weeks under suspicion. We had stole sorae of the cargo for ourselves, hid it away. The captain told thera he had put his cargo aboard a ship called the Ororaoco. outside he said. But we had never stopped anywhere. We had left it all in Gabarus. But the crew they had ashore were all drunk, you know. Wasn't our fault that they lost the cargo. Lost the whole thing. Even a bottle of gin they had hidden behind a stump. Then the time when the Joseph Patrick went ashore up here. He told me to drop anchor; I saw she was right ashore then. Well, I let her go anyway. I was up in the bow. But I knew she was going to hit. It was a fine day, you know. It was still dark out. We were in from the Bird Islands. We were out there two or three days in the fog with a bone of meat we got in St. Pierre. No tea, no coffee. These fellows were supposed to meet us out there. But they never showed up, see. Then the captain said we'll go in • and in we go. We had a load of rum. Even had a deck load. Ran her ashore at Fayder*s Cards for All Occasions The Card Shoppe Sydney Shopping Centre DONUT QUEEN Sydney River Shopping Plaza IDEAL ICE CREAM The Only Ice Cream Manufactured in Cape Breton Prince Street, Sydney 564-4549 TROPICANA Restaurant & Lounge ftOVKAHA SYDNEY SHOPPINS MALL Prince Street, Sydney Restaurant Hours 11 AM - 10 PM Lounge Hours 11 AM - 1 AM TOP BANDS NIGHTLY Cape Breton's Magazine/lO J. W. Stephens Limited ?? UILDERS SUPPLifS HARDWARE AND PAINTS WOODWORKERS AND MIU WORK Phone the Lumber Number 564-5554 Sydi ?y. fXoVA Scotid' A member of the BOLD organization
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