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Page 10 - Frank Murphy and the Open Hearth

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1 (269 reads)

you got a bottom boil, she's boiling on the bottom, she'd roll and roll. Well, the only way we could kill a bottom boil would be put manganese in to try to stop it from rolling on the bottom. You'd watch for even the flame in the fur? nace- -you had your blue glasses on. You could tell (by) the flame if your furnace was hot, or cherry red, or cold, or.... (Never cold.) Well, what we called cold here, when she was chilling off--2500, she was chilling off. You'd want 28 or 29 hun? dred degrees to tap out on her, rail steel. (So you said, sometimes, if the first helper liked you....) He'd tell you all this. But if he didn't like you. he wouldn't tell you anything. (So how would you learn then?) Well, then you'd have to --well, you'd probably go to another fur? nace or something. See, our big trouble in our day, the men weren't educated like to? day. We had men operating a furnace that couldn't sign his sheet. He could make steel with anybody. They could tell you what they were doing, but they couldn't put it in writing. They'd tell you. And this is where you gained your experience. Now, when they broke a test, they'd break it, they'd look at it. Then they could tell you what was in it. But then they would show you the different way the grain of the steel was. Or, if it got rusty right (away)--soon as you broke out, that it got kind of dark, and kind of like a rusted form right off the bat. They knew then they had phosphorus or sulfur; the heat was dir? ty. By looking at that piece of steel. You see, it was 't:'' ?' Ice Cream Company Ltd, Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, N. S. .' 539-0424 Tfie 'finest Ice Cream Made Here 'EspeciatCy for O'ou OPEN 7 Days a Week ICE CREAM PARLOUR and BAKERY I fantastic, those men--they were steelmakers .... That's why I say we had the best steelmakers in the world here. But mind you, some of those men, now, before they learned it, we had fellows up here from the United States, from Pittsburgh, when they built the steel WE CAN HELP YOU REALIZE YOUR DREAM OF HOMEOWNERSHIP! FOR A MORTGAGE TO BUY, BUILD OR RENOVATE, SEE THE LOCAL EXPERTS League Savings 8 Mortgage 235 Charlotte St., Sydney, N.S. BIP 6H7 Phone: 539-8222 "iUt S'a/u 'jMvt QaaLb' DRUG AWARENESS WEEK November 19 to 25 To keep your dreams alive.. get involved!
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