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Page 13 - Frank Murphy and the Open Hearth

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1 (275 reads)

one that you knew personally. Now, when you became boss--I couldn't send you home, because you're so- and-so's son. So I'd hide you away and cover up for you. You know? I couldn't--geez--how?--Christ, I worked with (his father)--how am I going to send his boy home? So you take him and you give him a lectur? ing, you know. (Even if you had a good reason to send him home.) Even if I had a good reason to send him home. I'd hide him, probably lock him up in one of the shacks until he's sobered up or something, if he was drunk. Instead of getting him off. And then we'd do his work. We'd carry him for the shift. He'd still get his pay. This shows you, this was the camaraderie of the thing. It was a real close shop. They were very, very close. Everybody was close. (It seemed to me, as I watched cer? tain things at the plant, that there are times when you are waiting and can sit together.) Oh, yeah. Sit together and talk. For instance, when you put your met? al in a furnace--when you charge a furnace up--you put your limestone on the bottom, then you put your ore in, then you put your scrap in. Well, you've got an hour, generally, with getting your scrap soft enough, melted down enough, to put your metal in. Well, you had an hour. Once you got your furnace cleaned up. That was the first thing, when you charge a furnace, was clean the floor. Clean the track. Then you sit down for about an hour. Well, then you talked about fishing, or going shopping, or whatever you were doing. We had a lot of fellows who were very close-knit for fishing buddies, you know. OPEN HEARTH BOWLING LEAGUE Seated, from left: Sam Murphy, Pat Murphy (Frank's brothers), Tony MelskI, Harry Carew, Tom Smith, (2 young fellows unknown). Standing: Frank Mur? phy, Garrett Murphy, Jimmy Maclnnis, Walter Wojack. (In that hour....) They'd be telling sto? ries about the Old Country, about New? foundland, fishing off the Grand Banks. And they'd be telling you about in the Ukraine, when they were kids in the Ukraine, they'd be telling you stories. And fellows that came from Italy, you'd hear stories from Italy. And we had all the ethnic groups that worked on the steel plant, all in this ward. The ethnics--that would be the Chinese and the Blacks and the Ukrainians and the Swedes and the New? foundlanders. Before 1949, Newfoundland was a foreign country. Then we had a Polish Village down over Ferris Street Jacques-Cartier Motel kitchenette units available / telephones in all rooms P. O. Box 555, Sydney, N. S. BIP 6H4 (902) 539-4375 or 539-4378 or 539-4379 SYDNEY - GLACE BAY HIGHWAY FRANCAIS 2 Kilometres de I'Aeroport ENGLISH "We will give Life Insurance to anyone age 15 to 80. No one turned down. No Health Questions asked." Druker Insurance Charlotte Street, Sydney • 562-5504 Call Toll Free 1-564-6000 /f' Budget Plan Available IF YOU COD A FISH, BUT LOBSTER IN THE SEA.... COME QUICK TO GEORGE'S FISH MARKET THAT'S WHERE SHE'LL BE. FRESH AND FROZEN FISH. LOBSTER TOO! 243 Commercial Street, North Sydney, N. S. B2A SMS (Next to the Shipyard) (902) 794-7634 (Open: Monday - Saturday 9-5 * Thursday 9-8)
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