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Page 26 - With Ella Smith and Joanne Donovan

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1 (417 reads)

Well, at that time I didn't even know it was coming out. (You mean, coming out of you.) I couldn't have stopped me if I tried, then. He said, "You're crazy." So his father went away. A couple days after Christmas, first in January, they got a call: the father was dying. He had a tooth pulled, and he had leukemia and they didn't even know it. He bled to death. So, that seems like to me that there's something telling you, or some force from somewhere. You know, like, it seems strange, out of the blue to come up with something like this, you know. And then for it to happen. And they did come at 11 o'clock at night, too. To tell him. About the same time I told him he was going to die, that's the time they told him. And that's the time of night he died. A PART OF YOUR FAMILY FOR OVER 25 YEARS So, that was a--oh, I shivered for a month after that. That one really bothered me. And it was out that (fast)--there's no way of taking it back. But I even knew who he was, eh? But sometimes I know, something's going to happen, but.... (But you don't know who it'll be.) Not exactly. But usu? ally I know if it's a man or a woman or young or old.... (Do you think this sort of thing is passed on a little bit? Turning to Ella's daughter. Joanne. Do you have experiences like that?) Joanne Smith Donovan. Ingonish Beach: Well, yes. I had dreams. (You do, really?) Dreams, yeah. And things I've seen. We were on a hunt, one time--I was only in the little grades--5 or 6. And we had a dragon-egg hunt. And a friend and me--we got off on the wrong ''l?eabreakfix??n| yourdKxeswHh Kentucky Ried Chidden! t'ntucky Firied Chicken is a great reason for taking a break from any dKHes. Because its so convenient. Always ready, youjust pick it up. Add some of Cokjnel Siffiders tasty salads and goklen brown French fries, and you've got the perfect reason to interrupt your yard-work, basement cleaning or window' washing! Kentucky Fried Chicken is economical, too. And it's finger lickin... good chicken! Kgitiicl'IkiedCldckeii CHICKEN CHALET LTD. FIVE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: SYDNEY SHOPPING MALL (564-6322) * C. B. SHOPPING PLAZA, SYDNEY RIVER (564-6646) * 2A STERLING ROAD, GLACE BAY (849-6689) 7 BLOWERS STREET, NORTH SYDNEY (794-3534) * PLUMMER AVENUE, NEW WATERFORD (862-2111) * INSIDE SEATING AVAILABLE track, and we went down behind the graveyard. And we saw a man there. Well, we thought he was having a leak. Like, the Legion's right there. We were there, and he was in top hat and tails. And there's supposed to be people that were--I didn't even know the story about that, the pond, then. There's sup? posed to be a car? riage or something went down. I didn't even know about it then. Ella: Yeah, there is. Joanne: And there was a guy there and he was leaning against a tree. And my friend was with me. And he had on a big hat, and, like a winged (coat)--you know, like you see in old stories. And he turned around and he was as white, as white as white could ever be. And I just said, "Let's go. I'm running, I'm run? ning." I started screeching and run? ning. And nobody saw him there but us. Just me and (a friend). 'Cause I'll tell you, we were going to sneak off and have a cigar? ette, is what we were doing down
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