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Page 34 - With Ella Smith and Joanne Donovan

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1 (239 reads)

oner on the loose--and we don't lock the doors here, eh? They thought he was down here. So when Freddie went fishing, I got up and locked the door. And I went over to get a drink by the sink and I happened to look out. I could see this ball coming out of the sky. It was like a big ball of orange flame. And it was big--looked about that big around. Well, I'd say it was about 24 inches. I thought, "It can't be the moon. What is it?" And then I noticed it started to move, and it was going at a rolling. And I watched it. It came down and it landed in that field over there-- field of grass--the grass was right tall over there. (Right near the house.) The next yard over. Not this one. Over there. I watched it, and it rolled and rolled down between the houses till I lost sight of it. I didn't know what happened to it. So, when I saw that somebody was up, I went down in? to the house next door, and I said to him, "I saw something land in your field." because the grass was at least that high. And where I'd seen that drop, there was a furrow that wide. (Again, you're about 3 feet wide--more.) And it was that wide, and it was burnt right down to the roots. So something dropped there. And they say, "Oh, there, now, there's all kinds of holes in it." But it rolled. But that actually burnt right down--it burnt the grass--just like a tunnel--you could get down and look the whole length of the field where that grass was burnt right down. Just the same if you had sheep graz? ing. It was so close--but it was burnt, brown, on the bottom. (And at the end of it, did you find anything?) Well, it passed a gravel road. But I don't know what hap? pened to it after that. I don't know what it was. But it's funny it hadn't set fire to the.... Joanne: Rest of the grass. Ella: That's what I couldn't figure out. (I can tell you I can't.) And we went up, high. (Three or and the grass was that four feet high?) Oh yeah. Bell Buoy Restaurant /Ijtti' SEAFOOD :' "Fresh from the Shoreline" yj Steaks * Poultry * Sandwiches 'BDV ''Luncheon Menu * Children's Menu ''' Two Separate Dining Rooms * Fully Licensed Baddeck, N. S. 295-2581 In 1988, nearly 30 million seedlings were planted in Nova Scotia. More than 10 million were planted by just one company alone. At STORA, we're caring for tomorrow's resources, today! STORA' Stora Forest Industries Limited Yes, I did see that go! That went over the water over The Point. I lost track of it, it went down between the houses. And I didn't see it any more till I saw it going over The Point. So it must have gone up somewhere, yes, 'cause it went right out over the water.... And every so often you get what looks like a bright, bright star. At first when you see it in the evenings, it's up this way. You'll see it when it's 7 or 8 o'clock. The other night it was back again. By 11 o'clock--you can watch it --and it'll go down be? neath the treetops, down below these houses up on top of the hill. It'11 go down below there. So one night we decided to follow it. And we fol- lowed-- didn't we, Joanne-- White Point Road, and the woman next door followed us. If you take a spy? glass you can see green and--it's not a red, it's not an orange--it's more like an American Beauty--like
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