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Page 62 - Max Basque, Whycocomagh Part 2

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1 (151 reads)

wreath. 'Cause ours was the only Canadian ship there. And from there, everything went smoothly. Had the Army take us up there in their army trucks. Our skipper laid a wreath for the Canadian dead. That was 1946. July. 1946. That first trip to China, and back again. And then I got back on another ship, the Lake Nipieon. And we went to China. The second engineer was from Herring Cove.... And before we got to Shanghai, there was a Canadian ship coming out. And Sparks, the radio operator, brought a bulletin down, put it on the bulletin board. He said. "We got warning from that Canadian ship not to let--'Tell your boys not to go ashore alone. Either 2. or 3 or 4. Never let them--'cause some boys got killed.'" And I remember one lad--I forget his name--he was a veteran of Europe. See, there's (a river) goes around Shanghai. And I think it comes out to the Yellow Sea or Yellow River. And this--I forget his name--New Brunswick lad, anyway. And he laughed at us that morning. He said, "God Almighty," he said, "I went over Europe, and I faced the fin? est fighting men in the world." He said, "Do I need a bodyguard to come over to China, guard me from the God-damned Chi? nese? To hell with that!" He went ashore alone. Never saw him any more. WORKERS'CommmM Have To Do With Me, I'MSBfiimOYED?" You don't have to woik for someone else to benefit from Woikers' Compensation. Ail self-employed people are eligible induding tliose who wori< in fanning, forestry and the fishery. Having Wori
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