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Page 70 - Shipwrecks at White Point: From a Talk with Bob Fitzgerald

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/8/1 (175 reads)

So, they went there, and they got clear of the old Frenchman! (Got clear of their navigator!) Yeah. He took them right to St. Pierre. That's the Frenchman that was wrecked at White Point. Quite a few vessels wrecked. Oh yes, there were other vessels wrecked there. Capt. Pearl's vessel was wrecked there; Dave Clark was wrecked there. Angus Fitzgerald from Dingwall was wrecked there, lost his vessel there, too. The Muriel was wrecked at White Point, too. And so was the Eric. another big vessel, the Eric. (When you say they were wrecked there-- right into the harbour?) Oh yes, right in the harbour. Yeah, the Muriel went there in November. She was going to load fish from Moulton's. And she went there about RUDDERHAM'S Sport Shops Your Alpine Ski Centre Famous names include: • Salomon • Rosslgnol • Ralchle • K2 • Tyrol • Head A complete selection of ski clothing by: • Far West • Sun Ice • Banff Drop in for a complete view of our ski department. Rudderham's Sport Shop Ltd. 2 LOCATIONS IN SYDNEY: Cape Breton Shopping Plaza 562-3666 Mayflower Mall 539-3644 the first of November, 1911. And it came a storm before she got loaded with fish-- before they started to put the fish aboard of her. See, there were no engines in the vessels, at those times. And no power. And a northeaster--if they were caught at White Point in a northeaster, it was all over with them, they couldn't get out. She was caught there in a northeaster and she went ashore, smashed her lines and went ashore. Fine and beautiful vessel, the Mu? riel- -big vessel. And so, two weeks after that, another beautiful big vessel, the Eric.... She came there for to take the same fish. And there had been some of them took the sails and the rack off the Muriel. She was going to take the stuff off of the Muriel, and take the load of fish. And before she got the load of fish--before they started loading her, there was another storm com? ing, put her ashore. And she was lost there too. And that's the day that I was born. Not the day I was born--I was 9 days old. I was born on the 19th of November. And that was the 28th day of November, 19- and-11, that she was wrecked there.... There are other important wrecks, there's no doubt about that. Like I say. there's wrecks there before my memory. Capt. John Arseneau in Little Bras d'Or--you know who Capt. John was, do you? (No.) Oh, yes. Had a business on Point Aconi for years. He had a business at White Point, Capt. John. He used to trade--him and Bilbon Theriault were like that. That's who brought the French people here--my people. Capt. John Arseneau and Bilbon Theriault from the Magdalen Islands--that's who brought the French people to Aspy Bay. Capt. John, he always had a vessel. Capt. John, that was his business--trading. And he used to go to the ice in the spring. Men from here--my Uncle Stephen Rambeau was to the ice with him a half a dozen times, and the Gulf, killing seals. And (Capt. John) was wrecked here in a storm. He was a trader. He used to have all of the goods aboard of the vessels, you know. Aboard of his vessels he had everything that the settlers wanted. He used to bring 150 YEARS OF SHIP REPAIRS TRADITION If we don't have it, We can get it! If we can't get it, It doesn't exist!' Good People Sea & Shore Services Inc. "You are welcome to be served by long tradition and high quality." ?? Ship & Industrial Repairs ?? Dry Docking (1000T) ?? Marine TraveLift (1 SOT) ?? Diesel Engines Repairs & Rebuilding ?? Propeller Repairs ?? Welding ?? Carpentry ?? Diving Services ?? Fueling tation ''' Commercial Street • North Sydney DAY: (902) 794-4741 (office) ~ CALL 24 HOURS A DAY ~ NIGHT: 794-4338 or 539-8634 or 564-5560 or 736-2404 Carmel Ship Supplies Fishing & Fish Plant Supplies, Ship Chandlery SERVING THE INSHORE AND DEEP-SEA COMMERCIAL FISHERMAN 255 Commercial Street, NORTH SYDNEY. Nova Scotia (902) 794-4741 70
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