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Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1 (633 reads)

Cape Breton's Magazine, ISSUE 53:
A Talk with Dominic Nardocchio • Our Uncle, Dan R. MacDonald: Talks with John Donald & John Allan Cameron • Dan Hughie Maclsaac, Broad Cove Banks "Two Stories My Grandfather Told" • 3 Strays: Art Langley, Sr.,  Port Hawkesbury • 3 Strays: Wishie Rose, Baddeck • 3 Strays: Kenneth MacKenzie, NE Margaree • On the Trail of Elizabeth May • With Billy MacGillivray in Boston • Gobineau's Portrait of Sydney, 1859 • Charlie MacDonald: Cab Driver Tales, More Stories from 58 Years Behind the Wheel
Cape Breton's Magazine
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