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Page 20 - The Micmac Legend of Taken from Guts

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/6/1 (362 reads)

When they reached their grandfather's wigwam, the old people were glad, because they expected to eat the two boys. But they said, "We have killed a moose. Tomorrow we will go back and get the carcass." So they went back to the moose and cut up the meat. When they got back to where the moose was, their grandfather, who went with them, was tired and sleepy. When he fell asleep, they warmed the fat from the moose's guts, and held it on top of the old raan until in a short tirae he was dead. Then they cut out his heart and took it back to the wigwam, where their grandraother was waiting. They gave it to her to cook, telling her it was a piece of the raoose's heart. She roasted it; and as soon as she ate it, she knew what it was, and said, "He had a very sweet heart." Tlien Taken-frora-Guts took a toraahawk and killed the old woraan. Now they started on, and Taken-frora-Guts asked his brother where they were going. Said he, ''We are going to kill all the rest of the giants." Soon they reached where Marten and his grandraother were camping. When they entered the camp, Taken-from-Guts asked Marten for a drink of water, as he was thirsty. Marten's grandraother answered, "We can't get any water around here. Unless you have a good-looking daughter, it is irapossible." Taken-from-Guts asked, "Why?" She said, "A creature named Bull-Frog (A- blege'rau) has taken all the water, and you can't get any." Then Taken-frora-Guts asked Marten again for a drink, and Marten went and brought hira sorae rily water; but when Taken-frora-Guts saw it, he threw it away. He was so thirsty that he licked his fingers for the moisture. Then Taken-from-Guts went to see Bull-Frog, and beheld in his camp thousands of bladders all full of water. When he entered, Bull-Frog looked looked up, and Taken-from-Guts hit and killed hira with his toraahawk. Then he sent horae all the girls that Bull-Frog had taken frora the people in payraent for drinking water. Then he went out and broke all the bladders of water, and rivers and lakes appeared everywhere. The next day the boys built a canoe to travel on the river. Then they went down the CampGill CarapGill Lighthouse Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, Nova Scotia CarapGill Electrical Supplies Ltd? P. 0. Box 386 Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia 303 Charlotte Street Sydney Cape Breton's Maga2ihe/20 At Cheticarap, N. S. On the Scenic Cabot Trail Laurie's Motel 21 Units Private Dining Roora for Registered Guests Phone: 224-2400 MR. TIRE LTD. 267 Prince Street Sydney The Radial Tire People and the World Faraous Bandag Re-treading- Fully Equipped Mobil Unit PHONE: 539-5670
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