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Page 22 - The Dump Cart and Hay Truck

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/6/1 (742 reads)

The Dump Cart and Hay Truck The durap cart and iiay truck continue to be tools in Roddy Hector MacDonald's life. Both cart and truck use the same set of wheels. The vehicles are disassembled each fall and spend the winter in the barn • the huge wheels side by side and the steel axle upright, leaned against the trams and the hay truck; the cart box also stands upright. All the metal pieces are tied together (the ringed pins to lock the wheel onto the axle, the long straight pins to hold the trams or hay truck to the axle, and the rod that goes horizontally through the timbers of the cart box and the trams • it is on this rod the cart pivots is'hen it dumps). In the spring Roddy Hector puts the cart together, primarily to spread manure, and in late summer he exchanges the cart for the hay truck. ''':'oS?!- /o, '

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