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> Issue 53 > Page 40 - Dan Hughie MacIsaac, Broad Cove Banks "Two Stories My Grandfather Told"

Page 40 - Dan Hughie MacIsaac, Broad Cove Banks "Two Stories My Grandfather Told"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1 (304 reads)

Dan Hughie Maclsaac continued from inside front cover to do. I want you to go down the basement, and we'll get something for you." So they went down in the basement, and they put on a big fire. And holy smokes, they were-- the lunch that they gathered, they start boiling on the plates, or whatever it was. "So we're all going to get killed."'No. The fellow with the queer hat put it like that (straightened it on his head), and everything froze. Oh, it's a queer story. Anyway, after that.... (This is just the outline of it.) Yeah, just an outline. After that, they went up. And (the king) had an awful bunch of soldiers, guarding his place. So then he told them that they could have all the money that they wanted, if--one man was supposed to take all the money. And this was the fellow that had the log on his back. So they went to work, and they got an awful big bag. And they put all the money, and practically everything that was in it, in the bag. So they started away. So the minute they started away, they were only a little ways, when the soldiers came. And they were going to be gone. So the fel? low with the awful nose--(Dan Hughie laughs)--he blew all the soldiers in the sky, and t'ey got clear. So they got home! (Laughing) Wasn't that a crazy story! (Well, that is a good story. And when you tell it, is there more detail to it?) No. No, that's the short one. (And do you sometimes tell it longer than that?) No, that's the end of that one. But the other one is terrific long. It's just about a trapper, he was trap? ping. And, *they had three sons. So he was away for--he was away, and he got lost. And he came back, and it's very little did he have to eat. So he had a little barn on the house. So he took in his wife and he says, "Maybe we can stand it, but the boys can't stand it. And I'm going to make them sleep over in the barn tonight, and I'll set fire to it." So the youngest fellow heard him. . ,...,.?,. from the 'ovaScoU .. ''''',. ' i • i • ? they need to comp "/"""""f" ""(.tfto date and :. r.nmms n r Strait campus p_0. Box 2000 PortHav,kesbury,n.'- BOE 2V0 365 PrirKe Street Sydney, N- S- B1PSL2 Nova Scote p o. Box 1225 Port Hawkesbury, N.S. BOB 2V0 Adult Vocationai Training Carnpu' p_0. Box 1042 Sydney, N- S. BIP 657 .h>e Joe> B. Matheson, Q.'- Honourable Jo Minister And the old lady started crying. So anyway, she had a scone. When the boys went out, and she broke-- that's all she had. She broke it in three pieces and gave it to them. And the little fellow told the other two. "Ach, you're crazy. He wouldn't do that." "Yes." So they went up on top of the hill. By gosh, they saw the old fel? low coming out. And he set fire to the barn. Well, they wouldn't dare go in (the house) any more....
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