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> Issue 53 > Page 44 - Dan Hughie MacIsaac, Broad Cove Banks "Two Stories My Grandfather Told"

Page 44 - Dan Hughie MacIsaac, Broad Cove Banks "Two Stories My Grandfather Told"

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1 (248 reads)

better than he did. But anyways, they were talking back and forth: "Did you ever have any of a family?" And the wife says, "Yes." The old fellow said, "No, we didn't." And, "Yes, we did." "Where are they at?" So the old man stopped her talking. "Yes, you did," one of the boys said. "And we are the ones that you tried to burn. We're home now, and we're going to give Mom everything she wants to, and you, though you were as bad to us as--you were going to burn us." And they gathered everything they wanted and they lived happy ever after. (That's a very good story. Do you remember who told you that story?) Oh, my grandfather. My great? grandfather. No, my grandfather. He got it from my great-grandfa? ther. (In what language would you first hear that story?) Gaelic. (Did it have a title, do you think?) Oh, it must have, but I don't know. They had such good sto? ries that they'd put some more onto it. There were two fellows made a bet, up at my grandfather's place. This is the truth now. Up at my grandfather's place. Made a bet who would tell the longest story. Well, when he came to the house, he turned around and he says, "The man that came here to tell the longest story is the first to tell it." So they started about 9 Mercer Fuels Ltd. ?? FURNACE OIL ?? STOVE OIL ?? LUBE OIL ?? KEROSENE ?? AUTOMATIC DELIVERY ?? BUDGET PLANS - SERVICE PLANS Serving SYDNEY, GLACE BAY, NEW WATERFORD and Surrounding Areas 539-7580 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICES WE ARE A LOCAL COMPANY 64 BROOKLAND ST. SYDNEY o'clock. It came to 12 o'clock and the story was going. It came to 3 o'clock and the story was going. And it came morning, and the story was going. And he followed him down to the road, still telling the story! He never got a chance to tell (his) story--the other fellow was putting more and more and more to it! I'll tell you a funny story. There was a fellow up--and it's the truth. An old fel? low was walking up the road, up by Port Ban or Sight Point. And anyways, he was staying with a couple. He was an old fel? low and he was staying with a couple there. So anyways, there was a little gate to go up to the house, and there was a big gate where they take the wagons in. And they saw him coming. And he passed by the gate. By gosh, they didn't know what to say. He kept on, and he passed by the big gate. And he kept on going. And he was awhile away, and they were getting kind of uneasy about it. So finally they saw him coming back. And he came up to the house. And John Alex was the name of the guy that was looking after him. He says, "What happened to you to? day?" "How?" "You passed the two gates and you kept on going." "Well, I'll just tell you what happened to me. I was telling my? self a story, and I wasn't through with it, and I had to keep on going till I fin? ished!" (Dan Hughie laughs.). Till he fin? ished the story he was telling to himself! onnie Beverage Room Home of Scottish Hospitality REEVES ST. 562-4484 jTIora's? (grill Home Cooked Meals Steaks a Specialty SYDNEY
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