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Page 78 - A Talk with Dominic Nardocchio

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/1/1 (220 reads)

think they were from New Waterford--some? where around there, anyway. Cape Breton. They acted as if they were drunk. But they came in, and they put them with us. The RCMP put them with us. And we were just-- some of us didn't have supper, didn't have anything to eat. We were just waiting--we didn't know what was going to happen. And after about 10 minutes these fellows, they said to one another, "Let's finish what we came in here to do." And one fellow started to pick at one of our fellows from New Wa? terford. Then they started to call names. He called him, "You yellow fascist bas? tards." He said, "You, Mussolini, come over here." He started to insult him. The first thing, he started to use his fist at him, started to fight. Then we knew we were in for trouble. And at the same time a couple of the fellows, they told this fellow to keep quiet, "We don't want no trouble. We don't know why we're here. We just...." And at the same time the RCMP were looking through the shutter at the door. And I went to the RCMP and I told them. I said, "Look. Sydney vm '.??' 562-0421 VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS ... for renovation or new home construction WE OFFER... * Low prices * 10-year workmanship warranty * 20-year guarantee on windows * Retail sales and installation VISIT OUR NEW SHOWROOM at 93 JOHNSTONE ST. (off Pitt, by Master Meats) - HOURS - 9:00 - 5:00 Monday through Saturday 562-0421 after hours 562-7268 Our Specialty IS Windows! You take these fellows out of here. Because we are under the federal protection, and international laws apply here. We don't de? serve this treatment. We're not criminals." But he went ahead and he just pulled the shutter and went away. At the same time, they smashed this fellow bad. I told this fellow--in Italian I told him--I said, "De? fend yourself." Because he was a big fel? low. We were 13. And they were only 4 or 5. And some of our fellows were miners. They were heavy, muscled men; they could have destroyed them. But then, we were told af? terwards, if we had done that, that the Mounties would have come and shot us. So they kept on. And then one of our fel? lows went to the fellows and said, "Lis? ten, boys. Why do make trouble for? Leave us alone. We don't want no trouble. What are you doing that for?" And this fellow gave him a punch and split his lip. And this fellow that got a split lip, he was a powerful man--he was a man who could lift 400 pounds--steelworker. He could have grabbed any of those fellows and lifted them and thrown them against the wall. He could have smothered them in no time. But they were all scared, because they knew it was a frame-up. So I said, "Well," I said, "either go there to beat them up, or keep away." An? other fellow went and he tried to make peace and to make them stop, and he got a couple black eyes. And I was laughing. I said, "What the Christ did you go there for?" I said, "Either defend yourself or shut them up, or give them a couple blows and knock them out, and that's it." So they--they were all scared. So what we did was, a cell was open there, and no door. The cell had no door. But they had one of those iron springs --bedsprings. So we took that--we all got in the cell, the 13 of us--and we put this spring against the door, so that they couldn't get at us. Now we were 13, we were pretty well jammed close in that little cell. And one fellow started to holler, "Oh, God, help me! God help me! God help...!" Oh, he was--you know, he was in hysterics--he went hysteric. And then after that, all of a sudden, the C')CS>'''''>''''''''X'!':'' Fully Licensed Restaurant CtiOW VAN f 00 A Warm Welcome OPEN DAILY 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. FRI. and SAT. till 2 A.M. SUN. till MIDNIGHT Major Credit Cards Accepted Gift Certificates * Ample Parking Oriental and Canadian Cuisine in a relaxed and elegant dining atmosphere Daily Luncheon Specials Banquet Facilities Avaiiabie Take Out Orders Delivered Excellent Service and Fine Food. r>' 460 Grand Lake Rd., Sydney 562-0088 or 539-2825
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