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> Issue 11 > Page 31 - Shipwreck at Little Lorraine from an article by D.C. Harvey, late Provincial Archivist for Nova Scotia

Page 31 - Shipwreck at Little Lorraine from an article by D.C. Harvey, late Provincial Archivist for Nova Scotia

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/6/1 (396 reads)

You will not fail to perceive how advisable it is that some trustworthy person or persons, living near the site of these continual wrecks, should be empowered to take on himself the direction of the necessary proceedings for saving property, interring bodies, &c;, and to defray the imavoidable expenses. Even when life is not lost, the plunder of property is often scandalous. You will ask • Would those honest fishermen I found laboring so worthily in the cause of common humanity be so cruel as to pil? lage the property of the unfortunate sufferers thrown upon their coast? I answer- not irapossible, by any raeans. Those, truly, that were raost active in the good work raight be least so in the pillage; and sorae, I doubt not, would be too honest to join at all in such rascality. But you know of what changeable raaterials raen's minds are raade. Add to which the habit long established, I believe, on all sea coasts, of looking upon wrecks in the light of a god-send. Nevertheless, I have little doubt that the worst prowlers of this description kept aloof frora the troublesorae business in which I found the'Loran people so laudably engaged. I cannot give you a better instance of the necessity for sorae authorized person to be continually on the look-out than has occurred at Scatari, only about 6 railes frora the scene of the Astraea's fate, and but a day or two after it. The barque Fidelity. R. Clarke, raaster, 183 passengers, besides the crew, frora Dublin for Quebec, drifted quietly ashore at her anchors. All landed and wandered three days and nights in the swamps and thickets of Scatari; not knowing where they might be, until nearly ex? hausted, and three died. All this tirae, the people of Menadou, close -by, knew no? thing of xvhat had happened. Not so those a raile or two further along the coast. They had seen a sraoke on Scatari; and away they went in search of plunder. They found the ship, of which they took care to say nothing during two days, in which tirae they se? cured and secreted the passengers' chests and property, which it is known they are selling privately. There is no raagistrate at Menadou, and if there were, he would probably find it irapossible to convict the offenders, and still raore so to recover the property for the poor passengers, who, in a state of destitution, arrived in Sydney. Noiv, were there an intelligent active person, whose business it should be to look out for and protect the ships, persons, and property, so constantly coraing a- shore on the coast, it is evident that raany of these iniquitous depredations would A Neighborhood Store in a Beautiful Village Neil's Harbour CO-OP All Rooms Overlook Sydney Harbour Vista Motel King's Road, Sydney, N.S. RESERVATION NUMBER: 539-6550 Qualified Dispensers Always in Attendance OWL DRUG STORE Q* I* MacDonald, Prop?? Your Northside DOROTHY GRAY DISTRIBUTOR Convalescent and Sick Room Supplies Sales & Rental Drug Sundries and Ck>smetics P.O.Box 125 794-3611 North Sydney ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE CHICKEN CHALET Ktntu'lqi frid ??:>'. 4 outlets to serve you- Blowers st, North Sydney. Sydney Shopping Centre, Prince St Stetfinf Road, Glace Bay CB. Shopping Plaza, Sydney River 794-3534 564-6322
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