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Page 37 - Joe Neil MacNeil Stories from English into Gaelic

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1 (288 reads)

maybe somebody else that came into the shop could see it, where it was. And he kept on shifting it back and forth, here and there. And then he put it under the pillow in the bed, where he could see through the open door. But then, if he could see where it was, well, others could have just as well. So, it was going around then. And one day, his wife asked him what was the matter with the bed. He told her to mind her own. business--as if what would be wrong with the bed wouldn't be her business! He scolded her for not paying attention to her own business. That was the first time in his life. So the next day he went up to the land? lord's office. And he took the purse out of his pocket and he placed it on the table and he said, "Here is your money, sir," he said. "I can't live without my song." So I guess the song was worth so much to him--he was happy when he was singing. But when he was watching for the money, he wasn't. ENGLISH TEXT CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE Ach CO dhiubh bha rud eile am beachd aig an duin' uasal nuair a th'naig e staigh. Thug e sporran as a phdcaid agus shin e dha 'n sporran. "Seo," ors' esan, "dhuit sporran airigid ma sguireas tu do 'n t-seinn agus gheobh mise fois," ors' esan. Co dhiubh ghabh e an sporran 's chuir e 'n sporran ann an 'ite s6nraichte. Agus chidheadh e fh6in bho 'n 'ite 'san robh e 'na shuidhe an t-'ite 'san robh an spor? ran. Bha e smaointinn a'seo, "Ma chi mise an sporran 'san 'ite far a'bheil mi 'nam shuidhe, 's cinnteach gu faic duine sam bith eile thig dhachaidh an sporran. Agus cha fhreagar sin dhomh." Thug e 'n sin leis an sporran agus chuir e fo chluasaig e anns a'leabaidh agus an ceann a h-uile greis do dh' uine rachadh e null dha 'n t-sedmbar far a'robh an leaba 's thogadh e chluasag a choimhead air an sporran. Dh'fhoidhneachd a bhean dheth a'seo gu d6 bha ce'rr air a'leabaidh nuair a bha e dol a- null cho trie, agus throid e rithe. B'e sin a'cheud turas 'na bheatha a throid e rithe. GAELIC TEXT CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE Fresh Flowers • Potted Plants YOUQ PCEcSTIGE FLOCI6T FOD Ci'lJALITY ' 6EQVICE Silk & Dried Flowers & Plants SPECIALIZING IN WEDDING & FUNERAL Accepted by Phone ARRANGEMENTS ASHBY NURSERIES 564-8162 174 Ashby Road-SYDNEY f''' 862-3374 V 539-7844 >> Piummer Av NEW WATERFORD North Sydney & Sydney Mines "We're Working Together to Create the Best Place In Cape Breton to Visit, Live and Work" Sydney Mines and North Sydney Share: The Gateway to Newfoundland Marine Atlantic Ferry Terminal Mayor Michael White WatOrfront Beauty Golf COUrSOS Excellent Beach Mayor Hector DiPersio The Cape Breton Exhibition A Working Shipyard Yacht Club and Marina Facilities & a School System Committed to a Combination of Quality Vocational and Academic Education The Northside provides an Ideal environment for new industrial groups to join with established local business. Sydney Mines and North Sydney jointly own the NORTHSIDE INDUSTRIAL PARK, with incubator mall and serviced lots. MOST IMPORTANT: Our strength is the people of the Northside. We're a community that welcomes the visitor and encourages those who want to productively establish here. 794-4818 Contact: Norm Smith, Executive Director NORTHSIDE INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION P. O. BOX 276, NORTH SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA B2A 3M3 794-5818 The Northslde's Active Core of Business and Community Welcomes the Visitor and the New Citizen Alike!
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