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Page 44 - Danny Mike Chaisson, Belle Cote

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1 (292 reads)

would...inject some lukewarm water, you know, and get it worked out. (Did you bleed sheep?) No. There was only the hors? es that they bled. (Did they do anything to help chickens?) Not very much. We never had enough or nev? er interested enough--no, not too much on chickens. Pig was about the same. Pigs were a hard animal to doctor. (Why?) I don't know. It Cape Breton Auto Radiator co RADIATOR HOSES • REPAIRING • CLEANING • RECORING KiQ r-ro?H COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD SERVICE e • H • ?? 518 Grand auto * truck • industrial Sydney Lalmical, too. And its finger Ifckin... goodcfticken! l'rtiu'BaedCSuckMi CHICKEN CHALET LTD. FIVE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: SYDNEY SHOPPING MALL (564-6322) * C. B. SHOPPING PLAZA, SYDNEY RIVER (564-6646) * 2A STERLING ROAD, GLACE BAY (849-6689) 7 BLOWERS STREET, NORTH SYDNEY (794-3534) * PLUMMER AVENUE, NEW WATERFORD (862-2111) • INSIDE SEATING AVAILABLE (What else did you do for a living?) Stone? mason. I was going for anything. I was a schoolteacher for a number of years. And that I didn't like. I wasn't made to be cooped into a build? ing. I had to be out in the open. In the '30s--'32 and '33. I had my Grade 12. And took two summers of summer school. Truro. (But you didn't care for teaching.) No. And I was too rough. (Too rough?) Danny Mike laughs. Some of them would just try the patience of the Lord. If there was somebody that'd come out and fight, I would.... And you knew they were just doing it to get your temper up. And then some of them, they'd go home and tell their par? ents. Their parents, they'd come and take their part, you know. So. that I didn't like. And I wasn't scared of them, nei? ther. Didn't bother me any, take them ahold. But some of them, you know, they thought that their kids were just it. They couldn't do any? thing with them home, then send them to school. Think you could make a saint
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