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Page 47 - Danny Mike Chaisson, Belle Cote

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1 (294 reads)

So one night he was sitting outside there. And by God, the light. "This is it, boy." Have to find out.... (I understand that you were an artificial inseminator.) Yeah. (What does that mean?) That means breeding a cow. The station where they had the bull was in Truro. And they'd mail it to me. And then I'd use it. It was in a little vial, and packed in ice. And, it's taken today, and tomorrow I'd get it. And that evening--I always tried to use it the same day if possible. I'd sooner go out at night and give the cow with the semen that was fresh, than to wait for the next day. You know. It's not going to last too long. The semen will eventually be of no more value. (Would you have trouble giving that to the cow?) No. (And did you do that a lot?) Well, I don't say a lot. Not like in big places, but probably 15 or 20 a day, between here and Cheticamp, Margaree Forks. That's at the most, you know. But. lots of times there's only 3 or 4, or 2 or 3. I travelled from Margaree Forks to Petit Etang. (Did farmers prefer that to having the...?) The bull. Oh, yes, it was less trouble. You know, depending again on the farmer and a lot of things. It wasn't quite as sure as the bull. But, again, probably they weren't careful enough themselves, you know, and didn't call in time, or called too early, or the like of that. But I always had pret? ty good results. I don't believe it was much under 80%. That was almost as good as the natural breeding process. (What would you charge for that?) Five dol? lars. (And, if you were called out to heal a sick cow or a horse, and you had to bleed them, what would you charge for that?) Oh, about the same thing. That wasn't in the same line. The breeding organization would set the price. Artificial Breeding Associa? tion. The thing was in Truro. I would get the semen in the mail every night. If I could work that night, the sooner the better. (And each day more would come in the mail.) Oh yes, every day you'd get that package. (Was there a certain time of the year that you were doing this?) All year round. Year round. (You must have bred a lot of cattle.) Well, there wasn't that many. About--oh, God--less than a thousand a year. And that was from Northeast Margar? ee to Cap Rouge, almost. (And were you choosing the kind of bull...?) No, no. No, the farmer'd choose the breed. We always had the kit with the whole thing in it. Whatever semen I got in the morning, I'd carry it in that kit. I had it right there, packed in ice. You know. I had a thermos, always had a big thermos, with the semen in there. It kept cool. (So, this was really a lot of your time.) Oh, well, it was all of my time. (And did you ever really retire as a vete? rinarian, or as a breeder?) Yes, yes. Then there's another fellow took it over. But "For all your insurance needs • call us and compare" TENANTS • HOME • LIFE • R.R.S.P. CAR BOAT BUSINESS BLAINE NEWCOMBE Senior Account Agent 1028 Kings Road, Sydney River Bus.: 539-1122 • Res.: 727-2511 JOHN NEWCOIVIBE SEARS 525 George Street, Sydney Bus.: 564-6427 • Res.: 562-1230 /lllstale Ifbu're in good hands. Rome's (Wharf) Restaurant and Lounge ~ Specializing in Fresh Seafood and Stealcs -- LICENSED RESTAUMTT LMCE Near Lifeguard Supervised Recreation Lunch and Dinner 11:30 a. m. to 10 p.m. 7DaysaWeel( 411 Purvis Street in North Sydney on the NORTHSIDE WATERFRONT near MARINE ATLANTIC Monday to Saturday * 7 p. m. to 2 a. m. Large Video Screen and Dance Floor Live Entertainment Newly Remodelled Wharf for Pleasure Craft
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