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Page 49 - Danny Mike Chaisson, Belle Cote

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1 (166 reads)

You'd get soaked for it. You paid the expenses, you paid darn dear. Some of them played the game and got a lot of money. (And so, you ei? ther had to fence your ani? mals in really well, which was costly.) M-hm. Mostly only thing was wire fence, it was the safest thing. (Or, you had to get rid of the cow.) That's it. And many's the one that rid of their cow on that account. (And I guess the bulls would be more likely to get out than the cows.) Oh, yes, yeah. (So they got rid of the bulls first.) Yeah. In lots of districts they had what they called a "society bull." The bull would do probably from halfway be? tween here and Margaree Church, and as far down again. They had a bull--fellow kept it. And you'd have to take the cows there to breed them. They were penned in-- weren't allowed to roam. (But then they got rid of the society bull?) Yeah, then. (And then you became the breeder.) Yeah. (Who trained you to do artificial insemina? tion?) Oh, about a week or so, two weeks. At the Agricultural College. Truro. (Were you able to tell when a cow was ready?) Yes. Well, anybody keeping a cow could tell you that. And they'd call me. You know, when they had a cow that was, had to be bred, they'd call me. So I'd wait--well, probably the forenoon or almost the fore? noon. Then I'd start out. and go call. Danny Mike Chiasson with a ceramic bull, one of several gifts he received in honour of his work as an arti? ficial inseminator. Danny Mil
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