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Page 51 - Gobineau: Cape Breton's People, 1859

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1 (159 reads)

Sertous though some injuries proved to be-two with lumbar frac? tures, several others with cmshed limbs and lacerations-a major dis? aster had been averted. We had come through a nightmare and near-catastrophe. In retrospect, I suspect lives had been saved by the fact that heavy tables laid out for the after-service tea took the bmnt of the collapse. A major mitigating factor had been the behavior of those involved. The calm reasoned reaction to the near-disaster, the lack of panic, reflected, I believe, the solid roots and strength of character of the m- ral community. As with their fathers before them, hardship was part of life, and the sea took its regular toll. We were drawn together in the face of this happening, and each supported the other-literally. We were thankful for the outcome that might have been much worse. Life goes on in Boularderie, and the sen/ice was rescheduled. I con? fess I will walk more gently down the aisle. But perhaps an elderly neighbor of ours summed up our feelings when, stroking his weath? ered face and displaying the wisdom of his years, he looked at me and said, "As the Scriptures says, "...the rain falleth on the just and unjust."' Apparently churches do, too. From The Presbyterian Record, September, 1989: Church floor collapses, five injured Some might call it luck, others believe it was Providence, but in any case the failure of a light bulb probably saved the lives of several members of the Presbytery of Cape Breton when the floor in Knox Church, Ross Ferry, N. S., collapsed prior to an induction service that was to take place the evening of May 30. Because of the malfunctioning light, members of presbytery had moved to the side of the church basement for their meet? ing, thus avoiding the main impact when a section of the sanctuary floor measuring about 11 metres by 22 metres, with the pews still attached, separated from the west wall and fell eight feet into the basement. Those present said it took about 10 seconds for the floor to crash down.... Five people were injured in the mishap and treated for injuries in hospital. Most of the 20 people in the basement managed to crawl free, ex? cept Angus Stewart, clerk of session at St. Giles Church, North Sydney, and the Rev. Don MacLeod, minister of the Orangedale/Malagawatch/ River Denys pastoral charge. It took almost an hour, using jacks and timber, to raise the floor enough to free the two men. Mr. MacLeod suf? fered a broken ankle. James Caldwell of Sydney Mines and the Rev. Lome MacLeod, minister at Whycocomagh Church, suffered lacerations to the head and hands respectively. The church is 102-years-old and was renovated three years ago when the building was raised and a concrete basement poured under it.... Our thanks to Katherine Robinson, Postmistress at Englishtown, for bringing Dr. Stewart's article to our attention. Our thanks to The Medical Post ior permission to reprint this article. Thanks as well to The Presbyterian Record ior permission to use an extract from their report. And to Wes Stewart for his photo of the Interior of the church, which first appeared In the Cape Breton Post And to Eve? lyn MacRitchie, Halifax, for her photo of Knox Church Itself. Rev. Ritchie Robinson supplied that photo. Rev. Robinson told us that the floor of Knox Church has been rebuilt, restoration paid for by donations and fund-raising events. First services were held on Dec 17,1989. A special service will be held late May, 1990, remembering the day the floor fell in. At the time of the accident. Dr. Stewart was professor of surgery and anesthesia at the University of Toronto. He is presently teaching in Halifax. 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