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Page 61 - From Visits with John A. MacIsaac

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1 (176 reads)

So, I was left alone. So, a fellow was taking Capstick's stuff, he came in and he said, "You're all alone." "Yes, I'm all alone." He said, "Were you brought up--do you know one another?" I said, "We're all schoolmates." "Oh," he said, "that's terrible." He said. "I'll take you, if you want to come." I said, "All right, I'll go with you." So we got two weeks putting up grey feed. So we fared good--we fared off good. (Was that hard work?) No. We were used to that kind of work. We didn't really know what easy work was. We were all used to hard work. (Where would you sleep at night?) The fellow was doing the threshing, he had a caboose, and we slept in that. While we were stocking, we stayed in? to a small dwelling house of the farmers. Then when stocking was through, to go threshing then--the man had the outfit, he had the whole thing. Took the whole thing right along from farm to farm, and threshed. ..iiiiil'HHl''l'''lBli 'W''''''W'E' llllliliili 11 te'''''PSI mTI 1- sH ||||B''';r; lrSR-'-?*''W |B[|||[|M| :-s' .v---'. ... John A. with his sister-ln-iaw/nelghbour, Magdeline MacNeil IMaclsaac, at Sugar- loaf. This is the youngest photo we have found of John A. All his photos were lost when his house burned. See page 66. (Did you think you might like to stay out west and live there?) Yes, I did. And they coaxed the life out of me to stay. The engi? neer and the separator man coaxed the life "I took the road less travelled by ??-* • ?_ j'' 'fr> ' j?? ...and that has made all the difference.*' JRlCflfllOllCt COUIltliS ROUtC 4 'lobert Frost Morrison's Stores'-*" ['g''Home Hardware General IVIerchants Celebrating over 100 Years of Service ST. PETER'S RiCHiMOND COUNTY, NOVA SCOTIA BOE 3B0 The convenience of modern accommodations in the charm of an historic village at INN ON THE CANAL St. Peter's 20 Motel Units Licensed Dining Lounge • Cable T.V. BEACHES FISHING • GOLFING HISTORIC SITES Come visit us at the Inn where the only thing we overlook is the beautiful Bras d'Or Lalces! Box 9, St Peter's, N. S. BOE 3B0 ?? 1-800-535-2200 ST. PETER'S Campground Located on Route 4 in the ViUage of ST. PETERS • FULLY SERVICED SITES and TENTING SITES " Recreation Hall with Weekend Entertainment 2 Swimming Pools • Playground • Canteen Facilities 535-3333 Functional Stoneware and Custom Dinnerware Turnstone Pottery WHEELTHROWN Studio and Showrom on the Harbour 226-3004 Arichat on k Ouellette, Potter ISlO MadamO We're Open Daily, 7 A. M. to 9 P.M. HlMIf AGl TIA EOOM Specializing in Seafood & Home Baking ( Lobster Supper-all the mussels you can eat-4-9 j Grenville St., St. Peter's 535-2089 Entrepreneur of the Year Award • Cape Breton Tourist Association 1989 MacDonald Hotel Dining Room and Lounge Home Cooking with a Gourmet Touch Specializing in Fresh Seafood Recommended by Taste of Nova Scotia (902)535-2997 ARDEN & C REASONABLE RATES ) 'mo'fTr'd ' Highway 4 • ST. PETER'S
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