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> Issue 54 > Page 82 - Estwood Davidson: Travels with Beattie and Winston

Page 82 - Estwood Davidson: Travels with Beattie and Winston

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1 (213 reads)

he was going to fall off the chair. So I marked time across his instep with my foot--like this, you know--we always kept time--for to keep him awake. And he snapped out of it. But he'd be playing those crooked hornpipes in B flat and that sort of thing--not a flaw. Now, nobody could do that, just by training alone. He was playing automatic, as far as I was concerned--like a computer! Nothing was hard for him to play. He could take a book, look at it, run through it in a minute. Tough, really hard music. Away he went on his own. That's the type of person he was. No, not too much practice-- he didn't seem to need it. (When you first met Winston, had he com? pletely acquired his own style?) Absolutely. I'll tell you how I first met him. It's a queer thing. You see, I came to Halifax when I was around 14. I was born in New Brunswick--mixed province, you know. And times were tough there and we were a big family. And of course, I had a sister in Halifax that ran a big rooming house on South Street. So I was fiddling around with the guitar. I probably could play 4 or 5 or 6 chords, something like that. And actually thought I could play. You know what a young fellow is, you know--if he could do that, he could do something. But ansrway, come a knock at the door one night or the doorbell rang. And I went up and answered the door. And this tall, fine- looking young dark fellow was there. And he said, "I hear you play guitar." And I said, "Well, I'm starting to learn. I don't know what kind of playing you'd call it." He Come for the summer, stay for the fall colours • you are welcome to VICTORIA COUNTY SUMMER OF 1990 Highland Village Day lona AUGUST 4 Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod Gaelic College, St. Ann's AUGUST 5 to 11 Regatta Week Bras d'Or Yacht Club, Baddeck AUGUST 5 to 11 Centre Bras d'Or Festival of the Arts Baddeck JULY 14 to AUGUST 18 "CIAD MILE FAILTE" Or'e Hundred Thousand Welcomes VICTORIA COUNTY The Warden, Councillors, and Residents Take time to meet the people of Victoria County. Victoria County Is a Year 'Round Joy! Whether it's a Summer sailing regatta, Winter Alpine and cross-country skiing, or driving and hiking through the Autumn • we invite you to join us, and ... Enjoy Victoria County • We Do!
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