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> Issue 54 > Page 92 - Estwood Davidson: Travels with Beattie and Winston

Page 92 - Estwood Davidson: Travels with Beattie and Winston

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/6/1 (178 reads)

ice. Holy jumping, we went through.... There was one time we played in Inverness. When we went in, the weather was good, you know. And when we came out it was a blinding snowstorm. So we figured, now, we'd start and go down through Lake o'Law, down through Margaree, that way. Holy jumping, we got into Lake o'Law and couldn't get any farther--drifted full. We had to turn around and come back, and come clear down through Creignish, that way, Hawkesbury and that. We got home just in time to change our clothes (and go to work). Then there'd be other nights with those old cars. I don't know, tires seemed to be no good then--of course, the roads were so bad--so you'd have a lot of flat tires. I remember one night we changed a tire there at Creignish, where that water comes right in. Oh, my God, that was the coldest I ev? er was in my life. I was some glad to get that wheel on. Half of those frigging old cars, half of the heaters were no good in them anyway. Oh, boy, the people that play today have a lot better time than we did. We really went through hardships, there's no two ways about it. And abused our bodies along 't:'' Ice Cream Company Ltd. Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River, N. S. .' 539-0424 IM finest Ice Cream Mcde9{ere 'peciaCCy Jor 'ou OPEN 7 Days a Week ICE CREAM PARLOUR and BAKERY with it. No sleep. Holy jumping, you take playing 6 nights a week. The only sleep we got was in the car. Old car, we'd spell one another off driving. Beattie couldn't drive a lick. So it was only him and I to drive. And he was the funniest man that ever I saw in my life. I couldn't seem to stay awake after the dance. Well, probably I'd drive maybe 25 or 30 miles and I'd get frightened, you know, that I was going to crack the old thing up and kill the whole bunch of us. I'd just give him a tap in the back seat. Boy, he'd be up like that and take ahold of that wheel just as if he had slept for 8 hours. Half an hour's sleep seemed to do him as good as 8. Next thing I'd wake up, we'd be in Sydney. The toughest man, I think, was ever born. Had a great constitution. Yeah, there was only one Fitzgerald--in more ways than one. Introducing the 'Qdof''Oj'fL, Completely redesigned exterior and interior, i Now equipped with a peppy 4-cylinder multi? point fuel-injected engine • 3-cubic-foot larger interior • Available in sporty 3-door, practical 5-door, and handsome 4-door models HYunoni We sell cars that make sense. JARDOCCHIO 34 STATE STREET --'' SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA 539-471 I P.O. BOX 728 B1P6H7 (What about Down North--Winston's home--would you stay down there?) Yeah, we'd stay all night. We'd play there on Saturday, at the Star Dome (at Dingwall), and then we'd go out to Bob's (Wins? ton' s brother). But we never got any sleep. Played all night. I've seen us go down Sunday morn? ing on the wharf (at White Point) and play for a square dance-- Sunday morning. I
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