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> Issue 55 > Page 3 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs

Page 3 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1 (276 reads)

Point). And they were looking for (someone)-- they were people that were working out there--some of the men that I knew-- neighbours of ours. And he said they were looking for a helper, to help the Su? per's wife. And they were paying good money. So I went out to help. So I fared off cooking for the men. I stayed there till down in Novem? ber. I went out the last of May and I stayed till down in November. (Tell me about Jimmy Curtis. Where did you meet him?) On St. Paul's Island. He was one of the boatsmen there for awhile. He was (with) the life-saving (crew). There was the supply boat would come from Hali? fax and they'd bring the supplies for the island. And she'd anchor off, and those men would get in the boats and row out and get the supplies. Rose Burton. Helen's daughter: But St. Paul's was all just.... Helen: Bare bold cliff, you know. No shoreline, or no beach or anything that you could (land at). Nothing but just bare cliff and rock. It's perpendicular--the water right into the (cliff face). You know, like you see wa? ter- -it's always angry. At the Governor's Cove there where we lived--we were up where the men were, and 'Enjoy superS dining in a reCa7(in?? & [u?(urious atmospfiere SPECIALIZING IN CHINESE CUISINE Canadian Dishes also available FULLY LICENSED TAKE OUT & DEUVERY ORDERS Major Credit Cords Accepted 'king Ulestaurant 355 Charlotte Street Downtown Sydney Tel: 539-7775 Open daily 11:00 am ONE OF } 11 CAPE BRETON'S FINEST i VU I 11 M 11 I I I I I I I I lH I I 1 I I they had their boats. Now there'd be times it'd be lovely there. And over on the oth? er side, that would be a livid storm. And the northeast, well, they'd have the fog alarm, and the lighthouse, it was the same way. You'd have to go in a boat to get to the northeast light. They had a bosun's chair across (The Tittle)--I think it's about 80 feet of a drop, and a hundred- and-some feet across the channel from one island to the other. The northeast island was separated from the main part. If you were going to the northeast, you'd have to get in this old bosun's (chair). You'd be pulling yourself across on this old cable. It wouldn't scare me.... It might get scary, though, if you looked down. So, there was a man went out there working at the northeast. And he was coming to the A&W; 539-7222 Olympic Shoe Repair... .564-8112 Agnew Surpass 562-3129 Orange Julius 539-0134 Bank of Nova Scotia.... 539-6760 Radio Shacit 539-4617 Bill's Pet Centre 539-2243 Reitman's 562-3177 Bi-Way 539-8860 Sam The Record Man Candy and Things 562-6292 Shoppers Drug Mart 562-1144 Carlton Cards 564-6531 Sobey's 562-1762 Cole's Book Store 539-6053 Sony Store 562-8811 Fun Villa Arcade 539-2215 Super Touch Fashions... 539-4454 Gals and Guys Suzy Shier 539-5538 Hairworks 539-1811 St. Cinnamon Bake Shop. 539-4900 Heather Bowling Centre. 562-2695 Take-A-Break 539-1908 Homemade Memories... 539-1794 Toys & Wheels 564-6256 Home Brew Centre 562-3035 Tim Horton's 539-4287 Lynn's Gitts 539-7273 Uncle Chow's 564-6487 Lord Fin 562-6745 Vanelli's Mrs 539-7882 Mark's Work Wearhouse. 539-0441 Zack's Frozen Yogurt... .539-3550 Metropolitan 562-1134 Zeller's 539-5600 Munroe's Barber Shop Zip Photo 539-1539 HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m. MALL OFFICE • PRINCE ST., SYDNEY, N. S. Bl P 5K6 • 539-6912 HEAD OFFICE • 115 KING ST., STELLARTON, N. S. BOK ISO • 755-44o
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