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> Issue 55 > Page 16 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs

Page 16 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1 (260 reads)

after skiing. And your father would be on the couch.) Monica: Always on the couch. Now. I'm sure, anyone you spoke to: Dad was always on the couch in the evening. That was so much a part of a country kitchen, wasn't it, to have a couch in it? We lived in the kitchen. (So you'd come in from skiing.) How'd I get into that? I was telling you about the snow on the wool socks. That was every? body. Everybody had the knobs of the snow on their wool socks, because we didn't have ski pants. The long wool socks that Mum had knit for us. I guess--I didn't re? alize that, in earlier years, they bought yards of this knit tubing. And Mum would knit the feet, the shape of the foot (on? to) it. That made our wool socks. Well, coming home (from skiing) you'd be cold, cold, cold. And the closer you got to the house, you could feel the warm, warmth. You could feel it. And the smell of the wood burning. Always the smell of wood burning. And for years, when I lived in government quarters where we didn't have any way of burning wood--there was no stove or no wood furnace or no fireplace-- I missed that so much. And if I was walk? ing home from church--this is, you know, the past 20 years--you'd walk by a house and you could smell the wood burning. And I always, always envied them that. I missed that. Because that is implanted, I guess, in my mind, that smell of coming home to wood burning. That sounds silly, but it's--oh, comfort! It meant comfort. I don't know, just a cozy, cozy, homey feel- ''f Come for the summer' y' stay for the fall colours • y you are welcome to VICTORIA COUNTY SUMMER OF 1990 Highland Village Day lona AUGUST 4 Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod Gaelic College, St. Ann's AUGUST 5 to 11 Regatta Week Bras d'Or Yacht Club, Baddeck AUGUST 5 to 11 Centre Bras d'Or Festival of the Arts Baddeck JULY 14 to AUGUST 18 "CIAD MILE FAILTE" One Hundred Thousand Welcomes VICTORIA COUNTY The Warden, Councillors, and Residents Take time to meet the people of Victoria Count] Victoria County Is a Year 'Round Joy! Whether it's a Summer sailing regatta, Winter Alpine and cross-country skiing, or driving and hiking through the Autumn • we invite you to join us, and ... Enjoy Victoria County • We Do!
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