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> Issue 55 > Page 18 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs

Page 18 - "The Time We Had for One Another": The Curtis Family & Songs

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1 (228 reads)

As I'm seeing this now, there's no roads opened (to Bay St. Lawrence). I'm seeing a particular area, as you drive down past the church (St. Margaret's Church). Just beyond the graveyard, there was quite a good hill there. And when the road was closed, filled in in the wintertime, you came right down across the road and away down past (Janie MacNeil's) place. It was quite a lovely long hill. With no inter? ference or worrying about cars going by, or whatever. That was the priest's proper? ty. That was the glebe house at that time. He often came out and helped us on the hill, too, with our coasting and hauling. But we went out every evening that there was--well, we were either on the hill with some kind of a sled or a tobaggan. Or we were on the pond skating. My gosh, what a wonderful life we had! Really and truly, we did. Not at all concerned about all these people in the rest of the world. We knew so little about them. We knew nothing about them, actually. (So I want to take you back to the kitch? en. I have you sitting around the stove. Now, would your father say, "I'm going to sing you a song"?) No. No, no. We would always suggest it. Very rarely did my fa? ther volunteer a song. That would be con? ceit on his part to do that. But he loved to be asked, oh, he'd love to be asked. And that's all it took--one word. Or, you know, if he was whistling a song--that al? so may be his way of saying--you know, we're going to pick up on that right away, whatever he happened to be whistling right HOMELIFE PAT KING REAL ESTATE HOMELIFE then, and maybe say, "Sing that. Dad." Be? cause that happened very, very often. And that led into it.... (Or would you ask for a song?) Oh, defi? nitely. Whatever came to mind. (What would be the favourite when you were 5 and 7, 10?) Probably a song called "Babes of America," or it's also called "Babes in the Woods"--a terribly sad song. And we'd cry. Probably cry about it as he was singing it. A little bit. You'd try not to let anybody notice too much, but I can still cry when I hear that song. Yet the next night, we'd ask him to do the same song, knowing that we were going to be upset over it again. I mean, we must have loved the emotional involvement or something. Now uncle come tell me that wonderful tale You promised you would yesterday; It's gladly I will, now my darling keep still So you'll miss not a word that I say.... A short time they rested and went on their way, John carried wee Frank on his back. Each step that they took over valley and brook, Led them farther away from their track... Wee Frank said, "Poppa, why didn't you come. Sooner here to John, sister and me?" Poor Janie lay cold, as her father's tears rolled, Down his cheeks as he gazed on his three.... • from "Babes of America" PAT KING Real Estate Residential • Commercial • Rural D FREE MARKET EVALUATION D RELOCATION SERVICE D 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE D OUT-OF-TOWN CUSTOMERS CALL COLLECT 539-8400 243 Charlotte St. SYDNEY (Would you join in and sing it with him?) Not a song like that. That song was not to be sung along with, or, you know, joined in. No, we listened to every word of that. (And did you learn it?) Yes. Actually, I probably couldn't come up with 3 verses of it right now without putting a little thought to it. But if somebody started the song right now I could probably go from beginning to end with it.... 272-B Prince St., Sydney • 562-3035 in Sydney Shopping Centre (across from Back Window of Scotia Bank) Simateur "Wine & (Beer taking Supplies & 'Equipment • Beer Kits • Winemaking Kits • Grape Concentrates ' Liquor Extracts ??Soda Extracts HOURS: 10 to 10 • Monday to Saturday Your Sisn of Quality DON'T ACCEPT LESS Let our experienced staff help you with ail your printing needs SPECIALISTS IN PROCESS COLOR PRINTING 180 Townsend St.. Sydney • '-. eit>g>g> 564-8245 Fax:(902)539-2040 539-8o6o 18
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