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Page 5 - Making a MicMac Basket

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/1/1 (1283 reads)

done separately and the Weaving Split is cut. You do not go round and rounds ':h row is separate. Always start a row with the Weaving Split under the Bottoia : ...t • that is, the tip of the Weaving Split is inside the basket when the row is ": ...ted. (See drawing) The pattern is under one, over one, under one, over one all tntj v;ay around the basket. When you reach where you began, you continue weaving beyond that point another two Bottom Splits, doubling that part of the Weaving Split. The Weav? ing Solit should end, as it began, under a Bottom Split. This will hold it snugly. (10) ill> (12) (See drawing) With your fingernails, draw the Weaving Split down all around. (14) Then check all the upraised Bottom Splits to be certain they are equal distance a- part. Do this after every row. And remember, you are simply placing the Weaving Split. Do not pull it tight as this will gradually narrow your basket • unless you want a bottle shape. And unless you want an open shape, do not Allow the Weaving Split to be wound too loosely. As you work up, every other row the Weaving Split should go behind the Bottom Splits that, the row before, it went over. This, of course, creates the weave. _ To j>t-'/er A /ZOOAJJH -307-rd/yi fb's-A'e'T- '/{/'/aJ& '/9c// '
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