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Page 71 - Bill MacRitchie and Early Flight

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1 (313 reads)

fight, there was nothing but fight, fight, fight. And you became quite good at it, as a matter of survival. You had to. So I was as tough as any of them were. And eventu? ally, my health--there was absolutely nothing the matter with it. When I first started to fly, we had to take a complete, absolutely super medical exam--4-hour exam. They did everything to you, to find out everything about you. And I passed her with flying colours, with no problem whatever. And the same (when I went) in the Air Force. (So, coming up, did you have any sense of what you were going to become? Did you think you were going to be a mathemati? cian, perhaps, like your dad?) No. No, I was the type that liked to--I was in for sports and fun. I loved fun. My mind was outside the school window more than in? side. And I had no problem with studying, but I just--my heart wasn't in it. Actual? ly, I think the flying was in my mind from the time I was just a little kid. (But how did you get interested in flight?) Well, as time went on--as I was a little boy, 8 years of age, I knew people --one man particularly--his girl friend was my schoolteacher. She was a Cameron girl from Glace Bay. And he came to the school. Think how impressionable an 8- year-old is. This handsome young fellow by the name of Billy McKinlay--W. 0. McKin- BILL CONTINUES ON PAGE 73 Mercer Fuels Ltd. ?? FURNACE OIL ?? STOVE OIL ?? LUBE OIL ?? KEROSENE ?? AUTOMATIC DELIVERY ?? BUDGET PLANS - SERVICE PLANS Serving SYDNEY, GLACE BAY, NEW WATERFORD and Surrounding Areas 539-7580 A 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICES WE ARE A LOCAL COMPANY 64 BROOKLAND ST. SYDNEY Bricky Stevenson: from his Summary of Activities of the Cape Breton Flying Club In 1927 the Canadian Government became concerned regarding the " lack of civilian flying in Canada and passed an order in council that would promote civilian flying in the country. Any centre interested and that had the facilities could make applica? tion and, if accepted, would be issued two aircraft free of charge in order to get started. The organization or club would become a mem? ber of the Royal Canadian Fying Clubs Association, and eventually this body controlled 22 or 23 flying clubs. If the local club purchased an additional aircraft or a parachute, it would be matched by another from the Government, and in addition to this the Government would pay a grant of $100.00 to the club for each private and commercial license issued by the Department of Transport to any member of that club. Some areas became organized and had started flying in 1928. The Cape Breton Fying Club was organized in 1928 but did not actually start to fly untilJuly 1929. The original organization of the Cape Breton Flying Club consisted of Mayor W. J. Hinchey of New Waterford; Fred Mosher, J. Keigan, Ben BRICKY STEVENSON CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE Year 'Round Christmas Shop Le .Brignolet L ' FINE GIFTS i Maritime and Canadian Handcrafts and Souvenirs Folk Art and Country Gifts Quality Brass and Imported Gifts Kitchen and Bath Shop 15 PRINCE STREET SYDNEY BIP 5J4 539-7338
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