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> Issue 56 > Page 2 - Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album

Page 2 - Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1 (486 reads)

of the best. I am putting on small fiches (index cards) a glossaire. Do you know what it is, a glossairel--of all those names, of all those old words, archalsmes. And, what they are meaning. And I am surprised to see the meaning of all those old words coming from France, from Saintonge, from all those places. Even words that I was sure that they were English, that they came from the English--came from France. Like, "to move." In French, vaudit la mover. Move, I mean, change of apartment, things like that-- move. Mover is an old French word. Lately I found an old glossaire from France. A word that we use in Cheticamp--and I was posi? tive that it was English, pure English-- curJ--curl hair, curl--comes from province of Saintonge in France. I found it in an old glossaire of France. And Cheticamp is rich with archalsmes. We have old words that I never heard else? where in the Maritimes.... That comes di? rect from Saintonge. The French language of La Saintonge was known as the best French in France in the 17th century. It was the French spoken at la court du roi de France--where the king was living. And the accent is very, very--the French ac? cent of Cheticamp is a really good one. The best, on the Acadian language. (And the Acadian language--that's differ? ent from a Quebec language, is it not?) Oh, yeah. The Acadians are different from the people of Quebec. They don't come from the same region in France. They have not the same character. They didn't have the same history. They don't have the same language, even if it's French. "Enjoy superS dining in a re[a?(ing & [u?(urious atmospfiere SPECIALIZING IN CHINESE CUISINE Canadian Dishes also available FULLY LICENSED TAKE OUT & DELIVERY ORDERS Major Credit Cards Accepted mm'm 'kjn0 Restaurant 355 Charlotte Street Downtown Sydney Tel: 539-7775 Open daily! 1:00 am I I I I But the Aca? dians, be? cause they were isolat? ed- -Cheti? camp was isolated, like the Madeleine Islands (ligg
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