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Page 7 - Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1 (463 reads)

tiers, where they came from, how they lived, and all kinds of stories. So when I arrived at the college in Ot? tawa, first year, I decided that I would write the history of Cheticamp. And from then on I collected everything I could find that would help me to write the his? tory of Cheticamp. Every time I went home, I consulted the old people on everything. At first I had no tape recorder, so I had to write. Later on I had a tape recorder. But that's why I picked up that interest in the history of Cheticamp. So I collected (from people) and collected in books, in the archives, Ottawa, everywhere. I only published my book in 1961. {Cheti? camp: Histoire et Traditions acadiennes.) But it has to be one of the best of the kind--as a history of a parish, of a vil? lage- -it has to be one of the best in Can? ada. I received two prizes for that book. And one historian, a director of the Na? tional Archives of Quebec, has written, "After the book of Cheticamp by Fr. Chias? son, nobody has the right to write a bad monographie...." I had not followed any courses at Laval, things like that, no. It was just natural. I wrote it with my heart, with the souve? nirs and all those things. I loved so much the history of Cheticamp as it was told by the old persons. So that it seemed that I couljd put my heart in it. And instead of just writing the facts, see--so many churches, so many parish priests, so many doctors--what makes my book of Cheticamp worth a lot, is because it's one of the first in Canada where I showed the history of the people. How they lived, you see. And that's what's making that worth. And I had to print it three times. French edition. It was published in English in 1986. We plan it all for you. 794-7251 158 QUEEN ST., NORTH SYDNEY r ACTA* < ?ssoc* (Before you, did anybody write about Chet? icamp?) I would say no. There was a guy, an AuCoin, just a small piaguette--really nothing at all. No. I was the first to write, really, of Cheticamp. (I'm just looking for your inspirations. Of course, the old people, and them gathering at the home was sufficient inspiration....)* I really didn't imitate--! imitated nobody. Just came by myself, guided by economics, school, religion, health, social life. Seems so natural. (You had not taken any folklore courses?) No, no, no. But before printing it I passed it to Luc Lacourcifere (an eminent French- Canadian folklorist). He wrote the preface. He was ready to publish it in his collec? tion, folklore archives---Archives folklo- riques de 1'university Laval. But it took him so long--he had my manuscript since a few years. That was Luc Lacourci're. He took--never, never--nothing could come--it was always.... One day I went and I told him, "Give me my manuscript; I'm going to publish it myself." He was sorry, but.... I probably would still wait for my book! He was a guy like that. Before that, we published our songbooks (Chansons d'Acadie) in 1942. (It's you and who else?) And my cousin, Fr. Daniel Bou? dreau. His father was a brother of my mother. And we were two Capuchin fathers. He knew the music, and I did not. But I had lots of songs, he too--especially from our grandmother, who knew over 500 songs. (What was her name?) Resine Bourgeois, married to Charles Boudreau--the mother of my mother, the mother of Fr. Daniel's fa? ther. The mother of Anselme Boudreau. She ?? NUTRITIOUS' WEIGHT CO'' • ROL ?? OIL FREE?? PRESERVATIVE FREE?? ' FAMILY "DELI" BAKERY SPECIALIZING IN INTERNATIONAL BREADS AND RaLS_J AND EUROPEAN OLD COUNTRY STYLE PAN PIZZA, WE WARMLY WELCOME/ YOU TO VISIT US AND TRY OUR "SUPERIOR QUALITY PRODUCTS." r'ou are serious about your diet, good health and WEIGHT =.' CONTROL, you should read the following: "Many commercially f "Baking Bread baked bakers' breads including Whole Wheat, Multigrains and Rye ARE loaded with -Sugar -Fat '011 • Preservatives"... but BERNIE'S Light Rye, Dark Rye and White Italian Bread are made from natural ingredients using a 17th Century recipe. So treat yourself to the BEST...try BERNIE'S BREAD for the best nutrition and superb taste! BERNIE'S BAKERY LTD. 12 Meadow Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia • PHONE: 562-3139 Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. the Polish Way Since 1929" Good Eating • Bon Appetit '' Smacznego ' ?? NUTRITIOUS' WEIGHT CONTROL ?? OIL FREE • PRESERVATIVE FREE -
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